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a price point -- unknown (one set, in the middle 1960s ?)

The floor type speaker system which stored the speaker unit made from National to the bass-reflex type enclosure of the exclusive design.

EAS-20PX60 which is a 20cm coaxial 2 way unit is adopted as a unit.
Cone paper with much high internal loss of a Young's modulus is used for low-pass. The horn type tweeter is adopted as a high region.

Rating of a mode
Scheme 2 ways, 1 speaker bass-reflex scheme, and a floor type
Using unit For all the bands: 20cm coaxial type (EAS-20PX60)
Impedance 16ohms
Frequency characteristic 20Hz - 20000Hz
Allowable input 16W
Dimensions Width 450x height 660x depth of 300mm