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a price point -- unknown (one set, in the middle 1960s ?)

The floor type speaker system which adopted the National unit.

EAS-20PW55 which is a 20cm double cone unit which consists of a main cone for a low-pass play and a loud-sound cone for a high region play is adopted as a speaker unit.
Underwriters-Laboratories edge which National developed is adopted as this unit. Since Underwriters-Laboratories edge can enlarge compliance with a special plastics edge, even if it does not perform a special manipulation like before, it can be reducing distortion.
Moreover, the aluminum wire of the high purity is used for the voice coil, and since it is far lighter than copper wire, it has succeeded in extending an upper register play threshold.

Since the elastic wave by which a radiation is carried out from each part of a speaker cone had the mutual phase difference, the interference was caused on a certain wavelength, it was affected especially with upper register, and the variation of the frequency characteristic had occurred.
In order to cope with this, the patent equalizer ball (low phase equalizer) is attached to the front of a loud-sound cone, if the diffraction of an elastic wave is used, it is arranging a field, and the loud-sound property is made flat.

The magnetic circuit of gap flux density 12,200Gauss is adopted.

The enclosure serves as a bass-reflex type which uses the walnut developed to EAS-20PW55.
The acoustic material of glass wool is stuck on the interior, and a lusterless color tone and ornament are given to the sheath.
It is designed make a hard wall meet and install a backplane.


Rating of a mode
Scheme 1 way, 1 speaker bass-reflex scheme, and a floor type
Using unit For all the bands: 20cm double cone type (EAS-20PW55)
Impedance 8ohm
Frequency characteristic 35Hz - 20000Hz
A nominal input 10W
Music power 20W
Dimensions Width 380x height 720x depth of 300mm
Weight 13kg