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NEC KD-1000
198,000yen(around the 1987 time)

The DAT deck of NEC.

The dual mechanism chassis by a double structure is adopted as a swivel head fraction, the special floating organization for not telling deformation pressure from the outside on it is adopted, and the trances capacity to have excelled in the high order accuracy and the stability is demonstrated.

By adopting a large-sized fly wheel 40mm in diameter as a swivel head mechanism, and introducing a powerful servo circuitry, trances capacity is heightened and it is holding down to below one-half of the base value of a trances gap. Furthermore, the servo functionality which keeps constant tapes tension which is different at volume the beginning of a tapes in the end of - volume is also carried.

High rigidity and a vibration proof design are put into practice among each part, with the heavy weight class solid base, the low centroid and the vibration suppression structure were realized, and the harmful oscillation is eliminated. Moreover, the glass foot excellent in the damping characteristic is adopted, and the extraneous vibration from a speaker etc. is stopped.

The high precision high-speed integration type analog-to-digital converter of 1 chip stream composition which maintains lower-right balance perfectly is adopted as an A/D conversion part.
Moreover, the combination of the digital filter only for DAT and a high precision successive-approximation-type digital analog converter is adopted as a D-A-conversion part.

The average / peek parallel standard meter with a peek hold are carried.
Furthermore, the digital peek margin indicator which displays the margin to a full bit level is carried.

The large-sized function-logic-diagram display device is carried, a level meter is begun, and the special-NetWare-program number, the multi-counter, the sub-code indicator, the digital peek margin indicator, etc. are displayed.

Two digital input/outputs, a coaxial and light, are carried.

The digital input indicator is carried, and a late blinking is carried out when there are not a blinking early when the case where the signal of the disabling on a digital copy is recorded on lighting and PCM-ID when a digital copy is possible, and a sampling frequency are 44.1kHz, and a digital input signal.

The value monitor convenient at the time of - edit etc. is carried at the time of a sound recording.
The D-A conversion of the digital input signal is carried out as it is, and it is outputted to an analog signal. Moreover, after an A/D conversion, a D-A conversion is carried out immediately and an analog input signal can be monitored.
It can monitor not only at under a sound recording but at the time of a stop.

The long^playing mode optimal for a long time for an air check etc. is carried, and the Recording play of succession no less than 4 hours is possible on a 120-minute tapes.
Furthermore, the mode only for a play for a music tapes also serves as 4 mode correspondence which can perform automatic switching of a standard / wide track.

The timer start organization is carried and a Recording play can be started at the time of choice with combination with an option timer.

Linear skating cassette loading is adopted as a cassette loading mechanism.

The sub-code is supported.

Functionalities, such as a head-search, direct song selection, and random access special NetWare program, a skip function, an Ohtori whined functionality, an intro scan, a blank search, a repeat function, and an auto REC Mute, are carried.

The alumite finish and sub- wood in which the front panel is glossy serve as rosewood finish.

Wireless remote control with a ten key is attached.


Rating of a mode
Form DAT deck
Head A sender strike / ferrite combined head
Motor The memory-read type DD motor for capstans
DD motor for drums
Reel motor
Loading motor
The motor for cassette ON appearance
Frequency characteristic 5Hz-22kHz±0.5dB (canonical mode)
5Hz-14.5kHz±0.5dB (prolonged mode)
S/N ratio (Japanese Industrial Standard-A) 90dB (Emphasis off, canonical mode)
88dB (long time Emphasis off, mode)
Dynamic range (Japanese Industrial Standard-A) 90dB (Emphasis off, canonical mode)
88dB (long time Emphasis off, mode)
THD 0.005% (1kHz, canonical mode)
0.05% (1kHz, a long time mode)
Wow and flutter Below a limit of measurement
High-speed search Average-access-time 15 seconds (120-minute tapes)
Fast forward and a rewind time About 50 seconds (120-minute tapes)
Analog-I/O termination Line in termination: Two RCA pins
Lineout termination: Two RCA pins
Digital-input/output termination Coaxial input: One RCA pin
Coaxial output: One RCA pin
An optical input terminal: One line
Optical-power termination: One line
Headphone jack phi6.3 standard jack: One line
Synchro termination phi3.5 mini: Two lines
Supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 30W
The maximum Dimensions The width 465x height 104.5x depth of 327mm
Weight About 8.5kg
Adjunct Wireless remote control AR-1000