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NEC CD-816
69,800yen(around the 1989 time)

The compact disk player which supplied the technology acquired by compact-disk-830DS and was developed.

It is carrying 16fs T.F.C. (Transversal Filtering Circuit) and carrying out the upshift of the sampling frequency to 705.6kHz, 16 times, by a high precision digital operation,The digital noise was shifted to the super-high region, and the smooth wave has been obtained.
Thereby, the latter analog filter became a passive type of the simple sub- compared with the former, and has realized the extensive modification of an expansion of a passband, element distortion, and phase distortion.

The 4DAC B.S.S. (Balanced Summing System) balance type-conversion circuitry is adopted as a D-A-conversion part.
This consists of balance type-conversion circuitries in which each two Lch-Rch uses the digital analog converter specially chosen in the precision at the time of small level out of DAC chosen by the merit of the linearity. The dynamic range on Hearing impression is expanded by this, and an exact representation and the silent clear feeling of a pianissimo are raised.
Moreover, simple-ization of the signal path of an analog part, such as making a coupling capacitor unnecessary, is realized by carrying out the balance operation of the method DAC of an unipolar.

Adopted the large-sized transformer and the OFC power cord as the power circuit, and the outstanding regulation was obtained, and also the digital system and the analog system were separated and noise mixing is prevented with constituting a filter by a good capacitor.

The base with picking of the mechanism of a chassis consists of materials which were excellent in rigid high & vibration-proof property. Moreover, the sole plate of the dual structure which added the 1.6-mm-thick griddle to the sole plate with a usual thickness of 1mm is adopted, and the oscillation from the interior and the visitor oscillation are reduced.
Moreover, the sintered alloy foot (phi63.5mm) is adopted as an insulator, and an interview place and a three-position shorted to ground are possible.
Furthermore, the key point has a structure dumped by special vibration proof material.

It is possible to carry the absolute phase (signal polarity), to be able to switch a selection and to unite the signal polarity of compact disk with the polarity of a systemwide.

The digital output (a coaxial/light) is carried.

Performance time edit functions, such as a digital fadeout functionality, an auto edit function and a manual edit function, an auto space functionality, and a music window within residual time, are carried. Otherwise, it is a deletion special-NetWare-program play, random play, and intro scan,Functionalities, such as 24 music random program memory, 3 mode repeat of all songs / special NetWare program / A-B, a time search, a track search, an index search, 2 speed music search, and a power-on start, are carried.

The large-sized-with music calender display device in which a luminosity is changed to three steps is carried.

The headphone jack with a volume is carried.

Wireless remote control is attached.

4DAC B.S.S. part

Rating of a mode
Form Compact disk player
Frequency characteristic 5Hz-20kHz±0.5dB
THD 0.0018% or less
Dynamic range 98dB or more
S/N ratio 105dB or more
Channel separation 103dB or more (1kHz)
Wow and flutter Below a limit-of-measurement value (quartz-crystal oscillation precision)
Output voltage Analog: 2.5Vrms
Digital: 0.5 Vp-p/75ohms (Coaxial)
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 19W
Dimensions Width 430x height 110x depth of 290mm
Width 430x height 129x depth of 306mm (maxima)
Weight 8.5kg
Adjunct Wireless remote control AR-816