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230,000yen(around the 1990 time)

The bottom which pursued high-quality sound by making a decoder part into an analog method is a Dolby prologic decoder.

While adopting as VCA TDA1074A which is the same IC as the decoder for pros, the VCA offset trimmer (decoder circuit for pros) similarly employed for pros was employed, and the separation aggravation by the variation in VCA is eliminated.
Furthermore, a VCA control adopts F (1% of tolerance), and G (2% of tolerance) lunk component partses as a filter, a time constant circuitry, etc., and makes the min the error voltage by the variation in circuit component part.

The closed mold twin crossbar contact relay (a contact plates a silver stand with gold) which guarantees a low contact resistance value and a prolonged robustness is adopted as a switching of a signal.

In order to make a tone-quality failure into a relative minimum, nine motor volumes including a master volume are built in.
In a signal system on the street, no switching with a semiconductor etc. is performed but variable [ of signal level / all ] serve as a motor volume. Moreover, among these, eight pieces control with a microcomputer, and the individual specificity of rotational speed is absorbed by the standby learning function of a microcomputer, and is controlling by each velocity regularity.

Have arranged the power transformer used as the big source of an oscillation in the center, and the minimum weight balance was secured, and also the main unit is firmly supported with the sole plate of 2mm thickness, and heavyweight foot (380g 65phi 4 point or a 4th page shorted-to-ground possible).
Moreover, the object for analog circuits and the object for digital circuits are made separate, and, also structurally and electrically, the power transformer is used as another case.

In order to coincide the mutual phase of Lch/Rch of an input signal, a feeling of a migration and a feeling of a lateralization of an exact sound are realized by uniting phase gap with real time by an auto azimuth circuitry.
(A drawing-in span or Lock Range±15 degree 1kHz)

The auto input balance circuitry is carried and the variation in an input signal is automatically rectified in real time.

The users logic functionality which can make favorite sound field is carried, and the functionality of a parameter set and surround invert can be used.
By a parameter set, the sound field of liking can be enjoyed with the combination of the cut-off frequency (SR CutOff) of the effectiveness condition (EFFECT Fr/Re) of a geotropism highlight circuitry, and the low pass filter for surround channels.

By using DSP (digital signal processor) which uses no correlating-ization, a surround area can be expanded and the same effect as having used more than one with two rear speakers can be taken out.

The newly developed large-sized display tubes including a controller are carried.

The external input terminal corresponding to a four-channel broadcast (3-1 scheme) of HDTV is carried.

By various testing tone functionalities, the optimal setting of a system is possible.
a system-test tone -- a test signal -- a front L channel -> center channel -> front R channel -> center channel -> front L channel and a succession -- the image of a testing tone moves to a law.
In a pulse-testing tone, a pulse is simultaneously outputted from a center and a surround channel. In this case, the listener can take in the orientation of an image from the channel which sound reaches previously according to the Haas effect, and is effective in a setups of delay time.

When the parametric equalizer is carried and a center speaker differs from a front speaker, the tone quality of a center channel can be adjusted.

The OFC very-thick power-cord metallurgy plating termination is adopted.

Two kinds of remote Control units (setting remote control / steering remote control) are attached.
The operation of the usual operation is possible only with steering remote control.

Rear Attached

Rating of a mode
Form audio-video surround decoder
<Input/output part>
Input sensitivity/impedance Input, /, 30kohm
An Output voltage/impedance Front, Surround, Center, Mono:1V/600 ohm
<Decoder part>
Analog system (Stereo, Input->Output, Front)
Frequency characteristic 5Hz - -100kHz three dB
THD 0.003%(1kHz)
SN ratio (Japanese Industrial Standard-A) 105dB
Digital system (User's Logic, Input->Output, Surround)
Frequency characteristic 5Hz - -20kHz three dB
THD 0.03%(1kHz)
SN ratio (CCIR-ARM) 76dB (0dB=1V, headroom>=15dB)
Supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 55W
Dimensions The width 430x height 140x depth of 407mm
Weight 14.4kg