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NEC AV-250
44,800yen(around the 1986 time)

audio-video surround processor which carries a Dolby surround decoder.

The Dolby surround which reproduces a surround intelligence applying a delicate time delay to the difference signal added to 2usual ch signals (L-R) is supported.

Two surround functionalities, matrix surround and hole surround, are carried.
It spreads by taking out with matrix surround the signal which added the negative phase component of opposite ch for 2ch signals which mixed a little signal on either side conversely from rear from a front, and admiration is increased.
In hole surround, rear か and others reproduces 2usual ch signals from a front, applying an echo to the composite signaling of (L+R).

The input of four visual equipment and the input terminal of one audio equipment are carried. Simultaneously, two monophonic outputs convenient for an interconnection of the output-terminal which can be edited up to three sets, and a subWoofer and a center channel are carried.

The stereo power amplifier which can drive a front or the speaker of rear is carried, and it is. This amplifier carries the independent input terminal and can operate independently.
Moreover, the pre-out termination for 4ch is carried, it connects with external amplifier, and all the surround selectors and volumes can be controlled.

A built-in decoder's excess of a maximum permissible input will switch on the overload indicator which tells it.

Three kinds of volumes, a master volume, 4 mode balance control volume, and each channel independent volume, are carried.

The one-touch preset volume functionality (sound memory functionality) is carried, and the memory of a favorite sound volume and balance can be carried out to three kinds.

The hole effect control functionality in which the amount of sound echoes of hole surround can be adjusted is carried.

The remote control which can operate the surround change in the 3 modes, volume control and a balance coordination, volume memory, etc. is attached.
A control of video systems, such as NECVC-N8HF-N31, N5, N3, N63, N65, etc., is also possible for this remote control.


Rating of a mode
Form audio-video surround processor
Surround synopsis Dolby surround
Matrix surround
Hole surround
Effective output (EIAJ) 35W+35W (8 ohm, 1kHz)
Frequency characteristic 10Hz - 40kHz
THD 0.03% or less (1kHz, 8 ohms, 20 W:00)
Input sensitivity/impedance Voice input: 150mV / 47kohm
Video input: 1 Vp-p/75ohm
Input unit Image: Four lines
Voice: Five lines
Output unit Image: Three lines
Voice stereo: Three lines
Mono-[ voice ]: Two lines
Main-amplifier input One line (stereo)
Preamplifier output Two lines (stereo)
Supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 75W
Dimensions The width 430x height 90x depth of 212mm
Weight 4.6kg
Adjunct Wireless remote control AR-300