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NEC AV-255
59,800yen(around the 1987 time)

Audio-video center developed in order to enjoy the variegated source to multi.

Dolby surround is supported. Moreover, surround modes, such as hole surround and a synthesizer tick stereo, are also carried.

The digital delay is carried.

4ch power amplifier is built in.

The effect control which can adjust the starting condition of the effect in each surround mode is carried.

The high filter which cuts the bus emphasis which strengthens low-pass [ of 100Hz or less ], and a high region is carried.

The surround indicator which the status of surround understands at a glance is carried.
Moreover, the exaggerated input indicator which can carry out an excessive input check, and the preset volume indicator corresponding to the preset numbering of remote control are carried.

The front / rear volume which can adjust the master volume which can adjust the sound volume of all the channels simultaneously, a front, and the sound volume of rear to a right-and-left concurrent, and the light (the front/rear) / left (front/rear) volume which can adjust the output of each channel individually are carried.

Surround mode and the wireless remote control which can memorize the status of a balance control to three kinds are attached.


Rating of a mode
Form audio-video surround center
<Amplifier part>
Effective output (EIAJ) Front: 40W+40W (6ohm)
Rear: 20W+20W (6ohm)
Frequency characteristic 20Hz - 30kHz (a front/stereo)
20Hz - 6kHz (rear one/Dolby surround)
THD 0.03% (1kHz, 20W, 6ohm, a front/stereo)
Bus emphasis +6dB(100Hz)
A high filter -3dB(8kHz)
<Input/output part>
Input unit Image: Three lines
Voice: Five lines
Phono: One line
Output unit Image: Four lines
Voice: Three lines
Input sensitivity/impedance Image: 1 Vp-p/75ohms
Voice: 150mV / 47kohm
<Processor part>
Surround synopsis Dolby surround
Hole surround
A latency scheme / time Digital one / 20ms fixture
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 125W
The maximum Dimensions Width 430x height 90x depth of 361mm
Weight 7.7kg
Adjunct Wireless remote control AR-255