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AUTHENTIC A-10XXP typeI: 430,000yen(1995 release)
typeII: 450,000yen(1995 release)
typeIII: 450,000yen(1995 release)

Power amplifier developed by carrying the technology of A-Integrated-Amplifier 10 series.

There were three kinds of variations of "typeIII" not carrying a volume in A-10XXP in "typeI" not carrying a volume, "typeII" with a volume by monophonic (balance input) stereo switching, and a balance / imbalanced [ at balance input loading ] input.

The reserve power source developed in order to obtain perfectly near flattery nature to a dynamic and discontinuous music signal is carried in the power circuit. Moreover, the power-source part corresponding to a low load intensity is realized by adopting a large-sized transformer and mass capacitor.

The twin monophonic construction is altogether adopted as an internal construction until it reaches a transformer, a filter, a capacitor, and the voltage amplification stage. Furthermore, in order to realize high-definition play sound, the monocoque structure which suppressed the natural oscillation is adopted.

In order to bring the ideal of the direct mechanical ground construction which drops an oscillation into a terrestrial mass on heavyweight foot close to a still more perfect thing, an 11kg natural granite is adopted as a top plate.

The sound with a high purity is realized by adopting the thing of highest-class grade as all the used parts.

Real wood is adopted as the front panel and a side panel.
Moreover, various combination was possible for a top plate, the front panel, and a side panel from several kinds of wood.

Rating of a mode
Form A stereo / mono-power amplifier
Output power typeI: 320W (6ohm)
typeII: 160W+160W (stereo, 3ohm)
320W (mono, 6ohm)
typeIII: 320W (6ohm)
THD (Output power) 0.01% or less (20Hz - 20kHz)
Cross modulation distortion (Output power) 0.01% or less
Slew rate 120v/microsec
SN ratio 110dB
Input sensitivity/impedance typeI: 0.5V / 36kohm (balance)
typeII: 1.0V / 18kohm (stereo)
0.5V / 36kohm (mono, balance)
typeIII: 0.5V / 36kohm (a balance/unbalance)
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 290W
Dimensions Main unit: Width 480x height 179x depth of 432mm
Maxima: Width 480x height 206x depth of 485mm
Weight 45kg
Top plate : Caledonia (from Canada)
Mahogany (from India)
Impala black (from South Africa)
The front panel/side panel : the Shiraki type
Dark wood type (walnut material)