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NEC A-10
99,800yen(March 21, 1983 release)

The Integrated Amplifier which poured in all the technologies that ask for the ideal which should have amplifier, and carry out thorough serious consideration of the basic performance, and NEC can have, and was completed.

In addition to 5 power-source parts of a stage independency, the newly developed reserve power source is carried in the power-source part.
Since an electric current was a discontinuous pulsating flow by the repetition which are 100Hz - 120Hz in the case of the conventional capacitor input type power source, even if the time when an electric current is not flowing arose and it was going to acquire the Oide power at the time of an electric discharge of a capacitor, there was a fault that supply voltage fell.
The reserve power source was developed in order to conquer this fault, the 2nd power source works and at the moment of the charging current being disrupted comes the structure of bringing the charging current close to the continuous uniform fluence.
Thereby, it became small, the impedance of the power source also fell, and the peak value of the charging current has measured the enhancement of current-supply-source capacity. Moreover, a power-source ripple of about 8dB also improves, and enables the low-pass play distorted also at the time of the Oide power which is not.

High gain MC head amplifier is carried.
It is Takamasa who connected three para pushes of low-noise high gain FETs, and the size of the output by the difference in the type of a cartridge is supported by a low position and high position equipment.

The operation switchpoint which can be used making a preamplifier part and a power amplifier part become independent is carried.
If a switchpoint is made into "SEPARATED", the input of a power amplifier part and the output of a preamplifier part will be separated, and it will become an enable independently, respectively.
Moreover, the input level of the power amplifier part serves as a right-and-left independent variable type.

The Subsonic Filter is carried.

Three steps (-10, -20, -30dB) of attenuator are carried.

When using independently a balance control or power amplifier, the power output level control which can be used as an output volume is carried.

The REC serector is carried.

Internal Using

Rating of a mode
Form High-quality integrated amplifier
<Power amplifier part>
Circuit system Whole page direct DC servo circuitry
Effective output (both channel drive)
A sinusoidal consecutive output, 20Hz - 20kHz
120W+120W (4ohm)
60W+60W (8ohm)
THD (at the time of an effective output) 0.003% or less
Cross modulation distortion (at the time of an effective output) 0.003% or less
Frequency characteristic 5Hz - 300kHz
Input sensitivity/impedance 1.23V/20kohm
<Preamplifier part>
Circuit system Whole page direct DC servo circuitry
Input sensitivity/impedance Phono man month: 2.5mV / 47kohm
Phono MC (Low): 80 microvolts/ten ohm
Phono MC (High): 250 microvolts/100 ohm
compact disk, Tuner, AUX, Tape1, 2:150mV / 20kohm
An Output voltage/impedance Rec output: 150mV/100 ohms
Preamplifier output: 1.23V/600 ohm
SN ratio Phono MM:90dB(-142dBV)
Phono MC (Low): 72dB/80 microvolts (-154dBV)
Phono MC (High): 82dB/250 microvolts (-154dBV)
compact disk, Tuner, AUX, Tape1, 2:110dB (-126dBV)
RIAA deflection It is 10Hz - 100 kHz . less than ±0.2dB.
Phono maximum permissible input MM:300mV
Attenuator 0 -10dB-20dB-30dB
Subsonic Filter 15Hz (-3dB, 6 dB/oct)
Input/output phase Inphase
Power circuit scheme Stage independent shunt-regulator scheme + reserve power source
Power consumption 230W
Dimensions Width 430x height 150x depth of 430mm
Weight 20kg