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Nakamichi DVD-15
135,000yen(2000 release)

The 5 disk DVD changer which carries a music bank system original with a Nakamichi, sets DVD and compact disk freely, and can perform a succession performance of the disk of five sheets etc.

The music bank system is carried in the changer mechanism.
In this system, a large-sized tray or magazine are not used but can perform an attachment and a switching of a disk like the usual DVD player. Moreover, in order to hold and convey only the edge part of a disk, a music signal part is not touched at all.

Dolby digital and a digital-termination-service decoder are carried, and the 5.1ch analog output terminal is carried.
Furthermore, various setupses of a front speaker, a center speaker, a surround speaker, and a subWoofer and the delay time of each speaker of a center and surround can be adjusted.

Two digitized voice outputs are carried.

The sampling /24bit, and the linear digital analog converter for audios corresponding to a PCM format of 96kHz which are the highest specification of a DVD format are carried.

Moreover, change into 10 bits the picture image data of DVD currently recorded by an eight-bit / 13.5MHz, a sampling frequency is made to step up to an image system to 27MHz, and the 10-bit video-system digital analog converter is carried in it.

The 2 waves of CD-Recordable correspondences twin Focus pickup is carried.
Since the media to reproduce is selected automatically and the optimal laser power is outputted, the outstanding reading performance has been realized.

The component (color difference data) image output is carried, the D-A conversion of the component picture image data (Y, CB, CR) recorded on DVD can be carried out direct, and it can be outputted.

The headphone jack in which a loudness-level-of-sound coordination is possible is carried.

Wireless remote control is attached.


Rating of a mode
Form 5Disc music bank DVD changer
The disk corresponding to specification DVD-Video disk
One layer/two layers of 12cm single sideds, one layer/two layers of double-sideds
One layer/two layers of 8cm single sideds, one layer/two layers of double-sideds
Compact disk 8cm/12cm disk (CD-DA, Video CD)
Using laser Semiconductor laser: 655nm (DVD)/790nm (compact disk)
Laser output: Class 2
Video system PAL(625/50)
Image output characteristics
Video output Output voltage: 1.0 Vp-p/75ohm (synchronous negative)
Output-terminal: Pin-jack x2
S image output Y Output voltage: 1.0 Vp-p/75ohm (synchronous negative)
C Output voltage (Pal): 0.3 Vp-p/75ohm
C Output voltage (NTSC): 0.286 Vp-p/75ohm
Output-terminal: S terminalx1
Component output Y Output voltage: 1.0 Vp-p/75ohm (synchronous negative)
Cr Output voltage: 0.7 Vp-p/75ohm (synchronous negative)
Cb Output voltage: 0.7 Vp-p/75ohm (synchronous negative)
Output-terminal: Pin-jack x1 system
Audio system Linear PCM audio
Dolby digital (AC-3)
Voice output Output voltage: 2.0Vms/10kohm
Output-terminal: Pin-jack x1 system
Dolby-digital 5.1ch output: Pin-jack x1 system
Digital output An optical digital output: Optical connector
Coaxial output: RCA pin jack
Headphone output phi6.3 headset jack
<DVD-Audio property>
Frequency characteristic Fs = 4Hz - 48kHz : 22kHz
Fs = 4Hz - 96kHz : 44kHz
S/N ratio 100dB(Fs=96kHz)
Dynamic range 100dB(Fs=96kHz)
THD 0.0025% (Fs = 48kHz, 24bit PCM)
<compact-disk audio property>
Frequency characteristic (EIAJ) 4Hz - 20kHz
S/N ratio (EIAJ) 100dB
Dynamic range (EIAJ) 100dB
THD (EIAJ) 0.003%
Allowable-temperature span + 5 degrees C - +35 degrees C
Allowable environment humidity 5% - 90% (without dew condensation)
Supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption The maximum abbreviation 45W
Dimensions Width 430x height 100x depth of 320mm
Weight About 8kg
Adjunct Wireless remote control