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Nakamichi CassetteDeck1
99,800yen(around the 1990 time)

The cassette deck developed as a reference machine of the new time which inherits the tradition of a Nakamichi.

It is possible to have adopted 3 head schemes which make a head for exclusive use take charge of an erasure / sound recording / play, respectively, to be able to optimize the form of a head, a material, and gap width, respectively, and to drive in a property up until last minute.
It has the magnetic property near an ideal in the core of the recording head and the reproducing head, and Closter Roy excellent in the tone quality is used for it. Furthermore, by adopting a special structure, decrease of one side of a head was prevented and the long life is realized.

Moreover, the oxygen-free-high-conductivity-copper (OFC) line of top grade is adopted as the coil of a head.

The new organization which can tune the azimuth of the reproducing head finely by manual operation is carried, and the point with which the best high region response is obtained during a play can be deduced.

The frequency-dispersion type closed-loop double capstan is adopted as a mechanism.
By this scheme, in order to avoid an enhancement of the modulation noise by overlap of resonance frequency, by having adopted two capstans and fly wheel from which a path differs, and also using vibrational absorption material for a head base assembly, the oscillation was oppressed and the ill effect to a tone quality is eliminated.
According to this structure, the tapes pad for stabilizing the head touch with which the cassette is equipped is unnecessary, and the original organization of a tapes pad lifter has protected the modulation noise with a tapes pad.

The quality element was used for sound-recording amplifier and play amplifier, and the dual mono-construction which severs the interference between channels is adopted. Furthermore, it has DC amplifier stream composition which eliminated the coupling capacitor used as a distorted cause.
A sound-recording amplifier circuitry is a pure Class-A, and has obtained the extremely stable operation. A total of 12 regulation circuits of a recording level and bias level draw out the capacity of a tapes by lower-right independency for every tapes position.
Moreover, a play amplifier circuitry is constituted only from a discrete device, it is uniting with the reproducing-head assembly by the side of transport, and the signal transmission loss by leading about of a cable is suppressed.

The power circuit adopted every stage and the multi-regurated power supply scheme which performs a powering independently for every section, and has prevented crosses interferencee, such as noise mixing.

The silence mechanism of the motor drive by microprocessor control, a tapes slack preventing organization, a bias fine-tune volume, a program check, a MPX filter with a defeet, etc. are carried.

Dolbey B/C NR is carried as noise reduction.

Timer sound-recording / play organization is carried.


Rating of a mode
Form Stereo cassette deck
Head Sound recording: R-3L recording head
Play :P 2H-3L reproducing head
Erasure: E-4F erase head
Motor For a capstan drive: DC servo motor
For a reel drive: DC motor
For a cam drive: DC motor
Wow and flutter ±0.06% or less WTD Peak (EIAJ)
0.035% or less WTD RMS
Frequency characteristic 20Hz-21kHz±3dB (recording level -20dB, TypeI/IBM PCN II/IV, EIAJ)
S/N ratio (70 microseconds, TypeIV) DolbyNR B on: 66dB or more (400Hz, 3%THD, IHF A-WTD RMS)
DolbyNR C on: 72dB or more (400Hz, 3%THD, IHF A-WTD RMS)
A comprehensive distortion 0.8% or less (400Hz, 0dB, TypeIV)
1.0% or less (400Hz, 0dB, TypeI/IBM PCN II)
Channel separation 37dB (1kHz, 0dB, EIAJ)
Crosstalk 60dB or more (1kHz, 0dB, EIAJ)
Cancellation ratio 60dB or more (100Hz, +10dB)
Bias frequency 105kHz
Input sensitivity/impedance Line: 50mV / 40kohm
An Output voltage/impedance Line: 0.5V / 2.2kohm (400Hz, 0dB, Output-voltage volume maxima)
Headphone: 5.0mW/eight ohms (400Hz, 0dB, Output-voltage volume maxima)
Supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption A maximum of 25W
Dimensions Width 430x height 100x depth of 320mm (EIAJ)
Weight About 5.4kg