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Nakamichi 700
138,000yen(1973 release)

The full-scale 3 head cassette deck which challenged the threshold and likelihood of the cassette from the model which hits the sister machine of try marker Nakamichi 1000.

The completeness 3 head scheme is adopted. It combines with the constant tension effect which a double gap capstan scheme induces by the recording head of a ferrite core, and the erase head and the reproducing head of the hard super permalloy core of the narrow gap of 0.7micro,Adhesion with a tapes also becomes good and is played by flat frequency response to a high region.

In order to correspond to perpendicular gap of the tapes and head which the distortion on molding of a cassette case brings about, the recording head perpendicular regulating function with an alignment beacon is carried.
A coordination is possible only by turning a thumb, carrying out the sound-recording play of the 400Hz built-in signal, offering the adjustment mechanism which a phase progresses and detects the output by delay, and seeing the blinking status of 2 issuance diodes.

The control by IC logic circuitry is carried and all the tapes controls are operationals in one-touch.
Moreover, the timing of the amplifier of a recording play, a bias oscillation, and an operation of a mechanism is also controlled completely, and is suppressing the occurrence of the it1 noise.
The organization of the muting of tone, a memory counter, etc. is carried besides it.

decibel peek level meter is carried in a level meter, and it does not have the care about the excess recording which occurs since a pointer cannot follow a sharp peek input like common VU meter.

The threshold of the mechanism precision of a magnetic tape cassette is conquered from the closed-loop and double capstan drive side.
With the using of a DC servo motor, up until last minute, it is large and properties, such as a wow and flutter, are improved by two flywheel effects which raised the effective mass.

The switching unit of a low-noise tapes and a chromium tapes is carried. The property which suited each tapes by the corrective network in which a low-noise tapes has 120us and 1590us, and a chromium tapes has a time constant of 70us and 3180us has been acquired.

The pitch control which can change tape speed ±6% by play is carried.

The limiter circuit is built in, about 1/of excessive inputs of +3dB or more are automatically pressed down to 7, and the distorted occurrence is suppressed.

The pickup is carried 3 point, the blend mike input besides a right-and-left channel input is prepared, and mixing of a sound effect, vocal, and a solo can be performed freely.

The head base organization in which put in the damper organization and the degree of coherence with a tapes was received is adopted.

The 0dB level calibration unit is carried and it can adjust according to a low-noise tapes and a chromium tapes.

The Dolbey noise reduction is built in.

The main motor of DC servo, and two motors of Mr. winding

The cassette eject with a damper

19kHz MPX filter built-in

A remote control is possible.

A foolproof feather touch, a control push-button


Rating of a mode
Form Stereo cassette deck
Tape speed 4.75cm/s
Wow and flutter 0.06%or less Wrms (Japanese Industrial Standard)
Frequency characteristic Low-noise tapes: 35Hz - 18000Hz, ±4dB
Chromium tapes: 35Hz - 20000Hz, ±4dB
A comprehensive S/N ratio 55dB or more (all band Dolbey Inn)
63dB or more (Japanese-Industrial-Standard auditory sensation weighting)
A comprehensive distortion 2% or less (1kHz, 0dB)
Cancellation ratio 60dB or more (1kHz saturation level)
Channel separation 35dB or more (1kHz, 0dB)
Crosstalk 60dB or more (1kHz, 0dB)
Bias frequency 105kHz
Input A mic, a blend mic: 0.5mV/600 ohm
Line: 100mV / 100kohm
DIN: 25mV / 50kohm
Output Line: 1V (0dB, output volume maxima)
Headphone: 1mW, 8ohms (0dB)
The semiconductor used IC:8
Transistor: 105
Diode: 38
Power source 100V 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption A maximum of 60W
Dimensions Width 520x height 267x depth of 130mm
Weight About 12.5kg