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Nakamichi 480

The cassette deck corresponding to 2 head metal which eliminated the decorative functionality and investigated the highest tone quality to on the simplest structure.

A frequency-dispersion type double capstan, an absent-resonance mechanism, and 3 motor schemes are adopted.

With 47dB peek meter.

Rating of a mode
Form Stereo cassette deck
Track scheme 4 track 2ch
Head stream composition Erasure x1, recording-play combination x1
Motor DC servo control type x1 for capstans
x1 for F-F Rew
x1 for a mechanism drive
Drive system Double capstan belt drive scheme
Tape speed 4.8cm/second
Wow and flutter 0.06%or less Wrms
0.11%or less Wpeak
Frequency characteristic 20Hz - 20000Hz
A comprehensive S/N ratio 62dB or more (400Hz, 3%THD, IHF-A, WTDrms)
(Dolby NR in, 70microsecond, ZX tapes)
A comprehensive distortion 1.0% or less (ZX tapes)
Input 50mV, 30kohm
Output 600mV 2.2kohm (400Hz, 0dB)
Tapes selector Three steps of biases, a 2 steps of equalizer independent switching
Power source 100V 50/60Hz
Power consumption A maximum of 23W
Dimensions Width 450x height 135x depth of 289mm
Weight About 6.4kg
Option Remote Control unit RM-100 (6,000yen)