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DIATONE TW-25 10,500yen(It is one price. Around 1970 )
49,000yen(It is one price. Around 1991 )

The tweeter unit adopted as 2S-305 which is a monitor speaker.

The small carved corn with an effective radius of 2cm is adopted as the corn part. In the magnetic circuit which drives this vibration system, they are iron cobalt and vanadium. An alloy is used and it has become 18000 gausses and a powerful thing. This has realized a wide range of 1500Hz - 35000Hz.

Moreover, it excels also in directional characteristics, and also in 15kHz, it is proud of -3dB at 30 degrees, and proud of the characteristic of -6dB at 60 degrees.

Rating of a mode
System Corn type tweeter unit
Aperture 5cm
Impedance 13ohms
Rated input 20W
Simple sound continuation: 3W
Low-pass resonance frequency 1500Hz
Play frequency band 1500Hz - 16000Hz
Output sound pressure level 102 dB/W (with 50cm)
Effective oscillating radius 2.0cm
Equivalent mass of a vibration system 0.37gr
Voice coil diameter 1.6cmphi
Magnetic flux density 18000gauss
The total magnetic flux 11.5x104maxwells
Permanent magnet 30phix30
The diameter of baffle opening 81mm
Dimension Diameter 102x depth of 70.5mm
Weight 1.1kg