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DIATONE PW-201 6,000yen(It is one price. Around 1970 )
21,000yen(It is one price. Around 1991 )

The 20cm corn type Woofer unit adopted as 2S-208.

It especially received distorted and consideration is measured, such as attaching to a phase inversion form cabinet, while carrying out reverse curve type corn paper, having it and preventing sub-harmonics distortion, and designing Qo to 0.5 show the stuff.

Rating of a mode
System Corn type Woofer unit
Aperture 20cm
Impedance 16ohms
Rated input 10W
Low-pass resonance frequency 60Hz
Play frequency band 60Hz - 2000Hz
Output sound pressure level 100 dB/VA (with 50cm)
Effective oscillating radius 7.8cm
Equivalent mass of a vibration system 12gr
Equivalent Qo of a vibration system 0.5
Voice coil diameter 3.6cmphi
Magnetic flux density 9000gauss
The total magnetic flux 15x104maxwells
Permanent magnet 40phix35
The diameter of baffle opening 180mm
Dimension Diameter 202.4x depth of 123mm
Weight 1.8kg