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DIATONE P-610A(AT/AJ)/P-610B P-610A: 1,700yen(It is one price. Around 1970 )
P-610AT:1,950yen(It is one price. Around 1970 )
P-610AJ:1,500yen(It is one price. Around 1970 )
P-610B: 1,500yen(It is one price. Around 1970 )

It is the unit whose model P-610 changed.

P-610A had three kinds of patterns "A, AT, AJ" the first stage.
A is 16ohms with the B.T.S standard item which does not carry a transformer. P-610AT is 600ohms (it is 16ohms when a transformer is removed) with a B.T.S standard item. P-610AJ was 16ohms in the JIS standard item.

B.T. It seems that there was seemingly no difference of the quality of S standard item and a JIS standard item in fact, what was extracted at random out of the JIS standard item is surveyed, and what attached data had become a B.T.S standard item.

Moreover, the impedance of P-610B was 8ohms in the JIS standard item.

Rating of a mode
System Single corn type full range
Aperture 16cm
Impedance P-610A: 16 ohms
P-610AT: 600ohms (nothing [ transformer ]: 16ohms)
P-610AJ: 16ohms
P-610B: Eight ohms
The maximum input 3W
Output sound pressure level 97 dB/W (with 50cm)
Play frequency band 80Hz - 13000Hz
The minimum resonance frequency 80Hz
Magnetic flux density 10000gauss
Effective oscillating radius 6.5cm
Equivalent mass of a vibration system 6.5gr
Equivalent Q0 of a vibration system 0.8
Voice coil diameter 1.92cmphi
The total magnetic flux 8.5x104maxwells
Permanent magnet 30phix25
The diameter of baffle opening 135mm
Dimensions Width 173x depth of 94mm
Weight 0.75kg