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Image of DA-F900

Solid state AM/FM tuner developed aiming at high sensitivity and high selectivity.

An IC and mechanical filter are used in the IF stage to prevent interference.

It uses an LC-type full-fledged carrier leak filter to prevent 19 khz and 38 khz carrier leaks.

It uses a signal meter that shows the electric field strength and a tuning meter that shows the accurate tuning point.

Equipped with a muting switch that can cut out unpleasant noise during tuning.

A mechanical filter is also used in the AM circuit, and high sensitivity and high selectivity are obtained by combination with ferrite bar antenna.

Model Rating
Type Solid State AM/FM Tuner
FM Tuner Section
Receiving frequency 76 MHz to 90 MHz
Sensitivity 2.0 μ V or Less (iHF)
Distortion factor 0.5% or less (400 Hz, 100% modulation)
Signal-to-noise ratio 60 dB or more
Frequency characteristic 20 Hz to 16 kHz
Capture ratio 2.0 dB or less
Effective selectivity 60 dB or more
AM suppression ratio 45 dB or more
Image interference ratio 60 dB or more
Intermediate frequency interference ratio 70 dB or more
Stereo separation 35 dB or More (1 kHz)
Antenna input impedance 300 Ω equilibrium
75 Ω unbalance
<AM Tuner Section>
Receiving frequency 525 kHz to 1,610 kHz
Sensitivity 18 μ V or Less (IHF)
Image interference ratio 50 dB or more
Selectivity 35 dB or more
Intermediate frequency interference ratio 40 dB or more
Signal-to-noise ratio 45 dB or More (30% modulation, 1mV/m input)
Output level FM (400 Hz, 100% modulation) : 0 V ~ 1.5 V
AM (400 Hz, 30% modulation) : 0 V ~ 1 V
Attachment mechanism FM muting
Signal meter
FM center tuning meter
SCA Filters
Carrier leak filter
FM stereo indicator
Mechanical filter
Automatic switching between FM mono and stereo
Tape recording terminal
AM bar antenna
Level adjustment volume
Semiconductor used IC : 1
Transistor : 17
FET : 1
Diode : 20 pcs
Pwer AC100V 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 15W
External dimensions Width 452x Height 130x Depth 275 mm
Weight 7kg