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49,800yen(around the 1981 time)

It is the FM/AM tuner which adopted the quartz watch synthesizer system.

The digital display by a fluorescent display is adopted as frequency spectrum designation.

FM and AM are fair and pre-set is possible to a total of eight games.

The auto tuning system is adopted as FM.
If a button is pushed, a frequency scan is carried out and it stops automatically at an aligning point.
Moreover, manual tuning is also possible.

The original auto noise suppressor circuit is built in.
When this receives the weak office of an electric wave, FM carries out the noise cut of the high region by a blend and AM, improves and receives S/N and a distortion by the sound quality stabilized more.

Rating of a mode
Form Quartz synthesizer system FM/AM tuner
Practical speed FM: 1.9 microvolts (10.8dBf)
AM : 300microvolts/m
S/N 72dB (stereo)
The degree of effective selection 70dB
Stereo separation 40dB(1kHz)
Power source AC100V 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 7W
Dimensions Width 427x height 76x depth of 392mm
Weight 4.1kg