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Image of DA-F750

The IF stage employs three 6-pole phase linear filters with flat group delay characteristics over the 400 kHz band, and is driven by an 8-stage differential amplifier.
These filters are expected to outperform linear-phase ceramic filters, achieve a low distortion rate close to that of an audio amplifier, and have improved stereo separation and other features that are important for improving tuner sound quality.
In addition, a newly developed low-noise transistor and a ripple-free low-voltage circuit are employed to achieve low noise.

A low-noise dual-gate MOS FET is used for the RF stage and mixer stage, and the applied voltage is 14 V, so it is designed to be resistant to strong electric fields.
The wide linear range of the FET and the high selectivity of the RF amplifier stage greatly improve the interference rejection capability such as spurious response and intermodulation interference (three signal) characteristics.

A PLL demodulation IC is used for the multi-circuit.

Uses 3-pole Chebyshev type carrier leak filter.

Model Rating
Type FM/AM Tuner
FM Tuner Section
Antenna 300 Ω balanced, 75 Ω unbalanced
Practical sensitivity 1.6 μ V (IHF)
Effective selectivity 70dB(IHF)
Capture ratio 1.0dB
Image interference ratio 90dB
IF interference ratio 100dB
Spurious interference ratio 100dB
S/N mono:75dB
AM suppression ratio 55dB
Harmonic distortion factor (100% modulation) mono:0.08%
Separation 45dB(1kHz)
Muting 2-stage switching
MPX Noise Filter 2-stage switching
<AM Tuner Section>
Antenna Ferrite bar antenna
Practical sensitivity (IHF, bar antenna) 50dB/m
Selectivity 30 dB (± 10 kHz)
Image interference ratio 70dB
S/N 55dB
Output FIXED:150mV
VARIABLE : 0 ~ 700 mV
Pwer AC100V 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 14W
External dimensions Width 425x Height 148x Depth 386 mm
Weight 8.5kg