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Image of DA-F650

FM/AM tuner capable of stable reception from weak electric field to strong electric field.

The front-end section uses a 2-chip high-frequency amplifier stage and a 1-chip dual-gate MOS FET for the mixer stage to improve interference rejection capability.
In the IF stage, monolithic ICs with high limiter limiter effect is used abundantly, and various characteristics important for the tuner are greatly improved.

In the MPX section, an IC of double balanced differential demodulation system and a mold type transformer are adopted, and excellent separation and excellent distortion factor are obtained over a wide band.

In preparation for the FM multi-station era, a stereo only circuit is also provided.

Uses a Chebyshev type carrier leak filter to cut out carrier leaks that affect sound quality.

Uses F-type connector for 75 Ω coaxial cable.

There was a wood case sold separately.

Model Rating
Type FM/AM Tuner
FM Tuner Section
Antenna 300 Ω balanced, 75 Ω unbalanced
Practical sensitivity 1.6 μ V (IHF)
Effective selectivity 70dB(IHF)
Capture ratio 1dB
Image interference ratio 85dB
IF interference ratio 100dB
1/2 IF interference ratio 95dB
S/N 70dB
AM suppression ratio 55dB
Harmonic distortion factor (100% modulation) mono:0.2%
Separation 40dB(1kHz)
Muting ON/OFF enabled
MPX Noise Filter ON/OFF enabled
<AM Tuner Section>
Antenna Ferrite bar antenna
Practical sensitivity (S/N 30 dB, bar antenna) 55dB
Selectivity 35 dB (± 10 kHz)
Image interference ratio 40dB
S/N 50dB
Output FIXED:150mV
VARIABLE : 0 ~ 700 mV
Pwer AC100V 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 18W
External dimensions Width 400x Height 138x Depth 311 mm
Weight 7.8kg
Separately Sold : Wood Case CA-650 (¥ 7,500) for 650 Series
External dimensions Width 465x Height 170x Depth 307 mm