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Image of DA-F550

FM/AM tuner with high sensitivity and high selectivity by refining the circuit structure.

The FM IF stage uses a phase-linear ceramic filter, monolithic IC with excellent limiter effect, and a discri transformer with peak separation of 1 MHz, thereby improving various characteristics such as effective selectivity and distortion factor characteristics.

Equipped with FM / MPX noise filter, noise can be removed when receiving FM stereo.

The FM multi-circuit employs a double-balanced differential circuit using iC, which improves the distortion characteristics compared with conventional circuits using diodes.

The FM / MPX transformer uses a mold type with excellent environmental characteristics of temperature and humidity. This improves the separation which is especially susceptible to temperature and humidity.

A muting circuit with low pop noise is used. In this circuit, the bias condition of the transistor is always constant regardless of whether the muting operation is ON or OFF, so that the pop noise is kept low.
The muting level is 20 dB.

It is equipped with a carrier leak filter. In this circuit, the filter by LC is tuned to 19 khz and 38 khz to suppress carrier leak.

The IF stage of the AM circuit uses a triple tune IFT with three tuning circuits to improve sound quality and selectivity.

On the back panel, a FM DET OUT terminal is mounted so that the FM detection output can be extracted. This terminal is compatible with FM4ch broadcasting.

It is designed as a pair with DA-U550. In addition, the same wood case with DA-U550 was sold as an option separately.

Model Rating
Type FM/AM Tuner
FM Tuner Section
Antenna 300 Ω balanced, 75 Ω unbalanced
Practical sensitivity 1.8 μ V (IHF)
Effective selectivity 60dB(IHF)
Capture ratio 1.5dB(IHF)
Image interference ratio 60dB
IF interference ratio 70dB
1/2 IF interference ratio 60dB
S/N 70dB
AM suppression ratio 50dB
Harmonic distortion factor (100% modulation) mono:0.2%
Separation 40dB(1kHz)
Muting ON/OFF enabled
MPX Noise Filter ON/OFF enabled
<AM Tuner Section>
Antenna Ferrite bar antenna
Practical sensitivity (S/N 30 dB, bar antenna) 55dB
Selectivity 35 dB (± 10 kHz)
Image interference ratio 40dB
S/N 50dB
Output Fixed:150mV
Variable : 0 to 700 mV
Power consumption 15W
External dimensions Width 380x Height 133x Depth 301 mm
Weight 6.8kg
Separately Sold : Wood Case CA-550 (¥ 6,500) for 550 Series
External dimensions Width 445x Height 165x Depth 297 mm