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50,000yen(around the 1976 time)

It is a FM/AM tuner of Feature series.

The 4 pole phase linear LC block filter was used for the mixer stage of the front end, and the 6 pole phase linear LC block filter was used for IF stage, and also PLL IC was adopted as the MPX stage, and the low distortion and the high separation are realized.

The newly developed lock tuning circuit is adopted and exact alignment is enabled.
It is maintained even if an aligning point has change of temperature and humidity, and the low distortion and the high separation are obtained.

It is possible to switch the degree of selection of IF stage to Narrow and Wide.
At the time of Narrow, IF stage serves as a high selection degree tuner by the composition of a +4 6 pole phase linear LC block filter ceramics filter.
Moreover, at the time of Wide, with a 6 pole phase linear LC block filter, IF stage serves as the group delay flat characteristic, and serves as a low distortion tuner.

With the concentrated type filter of the dual gate MOS FET and the mixer stage, it is the front end which was excellent in the inter-modulation disturbance characteristic.

The control system IF circuit is the dedicated communication circuit which became independent of a signal system IF circuit.
Thereby, the delay characteristics of a signal system IF circuit and an amplitude characteristic are not disturbed, but it has a bad influence on the basic engine performance of a tuner.

Rating of a mode
Form FM/AM tuner
<FM tuner part>
Practical speed 1.8 microvolts, 10.4dBf (IHF)
The degree of effective selection Wide:45dB
Capture ratio Wide:0.8dB
AM oppression ratio Wide:60dB
THD Wide: 0.1% (1kHz, stereo)
Narrow: 0.3% (1kHz, stereo)
Separation Wide:50dB(1kHz)
S/N Monophonic recording: 75dB
Stereo: 70dB
Image disturbance ratio 85dB
IF disturbance ratio 90dB
Spurious disturbance ratio 85dB
Frequency response 30Hz-15kHz±0.5dB
<AM tuner part>
Practical speed 50 dB/m (a bar antenna, IHF)
The degree of selection 25dB
S/N 55dB
Image disturbance ratio 40dB
<Audio part>
An output/impedance 450mV/5kohm (FIXED 100% abnormal conditions)
0-1.2V/2kohm (VARIABLE 100% abnormal conditions)
The number of semiconductors 3FET, 5IC, 35Tr, 19Di
Power source AC100V 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 15W
Dimensions Width 425x height 169x depth of 264mm
Weight 7kg