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It is the professional monophonic high power amplifier of Output power 316W.
It is amplifier suitable for 4S-4002P type.

Both sides of the front panel and a rear surface panel are equipped with the connector for an input.

Rating of a mode
Form Monophonic power amplifier
Circuit system Three steps of differential, a 3 steps of whole page direct connection Darlington 4 parallel push pull
(direct-current amplifier)
Output power 316W(55dBm)
THD 0.005% (disequilibrium)
0.012% (balance)
Transmission frequency 10Hz-30kHz+0 -0.3dB (disequilibrium)
10Hz-20kHz+0 -0.3dB (balance)
Input impedance 50kohm (disequilibrium)
600 ohms, a 10kohm change (balance)
Load impedance 8ohms
Signal to noise ratio 106dB or more (disequilibrium), 96dB or more (balance)
An attached circuit The canon connector for - output for an input
Level amplifier equipped with the balanced input circuit
Speaker protector circuit
Peak margin indicator
Real effect peak
The power meter of a dBm scale display
Power consumption 185W (at the time of an Output power 490W)
Dimensions Width 480x height 200x depth of 375mm
Weight 26kg