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DIATONE 2S-3003 * Build-to-order article
1,500,000yen(one set)

All the technology that a Diatone will have in 1989 (Heisei first year) is collected, and it is a monitor and the speaker system developed as standard of the Hi-Vision age.

The reduction in wide-range-izing and distorted, input-proof [ high ] quantity promotion of efficiency, etc. are attached inheriting a 2S-305 type basic design.

A tweeter adopts a B4C diaphragm. The outstanding sonic value which exceeds 11000 m/s by survey is attained. Furthermore, by adoption of the Pau Russ structure, an internal loss also acquires the outstanding numerical value 0.01.
A peak can be controlled lengthening fructification and a play frequency band to 30000Hz, and a good play of a standup is realized.

The TWF aramid honey cam which makes an aramid fiber with high rigidity and the outstanding oscillating damping characteristic the TWF depending on the special method of weave, and can demonstrate intensity in all the directions is adopted as a Woofer.
Natural frequency was controlled and low distortion and the outstanding response are realized.

As a monitor speaker which attaches importance to people's voice, it avoids putting a crossover into a fundamental zone, and two full range ways are constituted.
It constitutes from dispatch of also uniting and reproducing a mid range ingredient to a Woofer. The fundamental zone which had sufficient thickness by this is reproduced.

New technology, such as carrying low distortion magnetism circuit A.D.M.C. Al Nico Bar John who pushed a magnetic circuit theory original with a Diatone even for the analysis of the musical tone ripple, and recommended it for sharp distorted reduction of a drive system, is supplied without the stain.

The Woofer direct connection which links directly the pure music signal sent from amplifier with a unit without passing a network is adopted as the drive system of a Woofer, and purity is improved.

The overall characteristic in the anechoic room in every set was measured, it attached as an examination results document, and quality was guaranteed.

There were a wagon type stand for exclusive use and an exclusive cable of stress free 6N quantity purity oxygen-free-copper use as an option.

Rating of a mode
System 2 ways, 2 speaker bass-reflex system, and a floor type
Composition, such as a unit For low-pass: 32cm corn type
For high regions: 5cm corn type
Play frequency band 39Hz - 30000Hz
Input impedance 8ohms (the minimum impedance 5 ohm/eight kHz)
Crossover frequency 2400Hz
Antiresonance frequency 39Hz
Rated input 80W(EIAJ)
The maximum input 300W(EIAJ)
Output sound pressure level 94dB/W/m
Dimensions Width 510x height 840x depth of 490mm
Depth with a network: 518mm
Weight 54kg
Attachment Net grill
Australia canon connector
Option Exclusive wagon MC-3003A (350,000yen, one set)
Exclusive cable OP-3003 (80,000yen, 5m/a book)