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It is the speaker system which enabled it to attach 2S-208 type with the surface of a wall.
the speaker for a monitor of the subadjustment room where floor space is narrow was begun, and it came out of large uses, such as an object for talk-backs, and an object for audition, and was used.

The engine performance is the same as that of 2S-208 type, and it has become a half-fixed system so that angle adjustment can be performed with a listening position.

It was used for the commercial broadcasting station and the adjustment room of main theaters including NHK as an object for the sound quality surveillance of the NHK specification name T-205.

The color of the enclosure makes the standard the BTS-0001 association color No. 2 gray (7.5B5/0.5).

It was also with the 600-ohm matching transformer.

Rating of a mode
System 2 ways, 2 speaker bass-reflex system, and a wall tapestry type
Composition, such as a unit For low-pass: 20cm corn type (PW-201)
For high regions: 5cm corn type (TW-501)
Network: 4micro F MP capacitor
Play frequency band 60Hz - 15000Hz
Input impedance 16ohms (600ohms)
Crossover frequency 2000Hz
Rated input 10W
Output sound pressure level 100 dB/VA (with 50cm)
Dimensions Width 560x height 630x depth of 510/145mm
Weight 24kg