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DIATONE 2S-1601 * Build-to-order article
650,000yen(one set)

It is the small monitor system of digital age which concentrated the essence of Diatone monitor technology.

In order to reply to the severe demand as a monitor, such as demonstrating expansion of a frequency response, reduction of high frequency distortion, and the engine performance stabilized over the long time, the aramid crossing corn diaphragm was chosen as a tweeter and both diaphragms of a Woofer.
Rigidity is highly lightweight and is an aromatic polyamide system aramid fiber with the outstanding oscillating damping characteristic. Flat sound pressure covering wide-range-izing and all the zones was realized because both units fabricate and adopt this material as a corn type.

In addition to an aramid corn diaphragm, a B4C center cap is carried in a tweeter. It contributes to 2 ideal way composition with little proper tone by the broadband play.

The 16cm aramid crossing corn diaphragm which achieved the weight saving by resin (pitch) Les is carried in a Woofer. Furthermore, by adoption of the AlNiCo-Magnet magnetism circuit, the natural low-pass play into and is enabled with great Bex Strand Gent.

The enclosure is made into the bass-reflex system which realizes the low-pass play which is full of massive with a small system.
Furthermore, in order to obtain an intelligible play sound of pitch with crisp [ sufficient ], by carrying out dumping control of the large-sized bass-reflex port, group delay time of a low-pitched sound region is shortened, and the reaction of low-pitched sound is brought forward.

The round baffle is adopted in order to realize flat-ization of the reproducibility of an acoustic field, and the characteristic.
Moreover, the beautiful Canadian maple of sound is allotted to the joint of a cabinet, and it contributes to the beauty of musicality.

As an option, there was a speaker cable of the star-quad structure and both-ends point Para finishing which uses 2mm of stress free 6N oxygen-free-copper 2x4 cores.

Rating of a mode
System 2 ways, 2 speaker bass-reflex system, a book shelf type, and a magnetic-shield design
Composition, such as a unit For low-pass: 16cm corn type
For high regions: 4cm corn type
Play frequency band 40Hz - 40000Hz
Input impedance 6.3ohms
Crossover frequency 1800Hz
The maximum input 150W
Output sensitivity level 84dB/W/m
Dimensions Width 266x height 410x depth of 290mm (310mm with a network)
Weight 16kg
Option Exclusive speaker cable OP-1601 (\65,000, 5m/a book)
Option: Speaker stand DK-A3
Dimensions Width 285x height 520x depth of 320mm
Weight 12kg