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73,800yen(around the 1981 time)

The cassette deck of the Mu series.

The four-step change tape selector corresponding to a metal tape is carried.

The 2 head 2 motor system is adopted.

Rating of a mode
Form Cassette deck
Truck form Four trucks [ two ]
Motor The DC servo motor for fixed speed
Head For Recording plays: Sendust head
For elimination: Ferrite head
Wow and flutter 0.05%WRMS
Frequency response A metal, a special, Fe-Cr:30Hz-16kHz
S/N ratio Dolby in:64dB
Input sensitivity/impedance Line: 90mV/50kohm
An Output voltage/impedance Line: 440mV/22kohm
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 30W
Dimensions Width 270x height 140x depth of 246mm
Weight 6.4kg