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68,000yen(around the 1978 time)

It is the cassette deck which inherited M-T01 type development thought and was developed.

The reliability of the mechanism is improved by adopting 2 motor systems.
direct-current motor for exclusive use in which a right inversion is possible is adopted as fast forward / rewinding for the FG servo direct-current motor as an exclusive motor which drives only a capstan.

The special oilless metal which overly gave precision finishing is adopted as a capstan and a capstan bearing after sintering. It is possible to make the coarseness of a bore side and roundness by this specular surface finishing of a micron order, without causing eye crushing.

Operation of a mechanism is controlled electronically, and any operation can fly a stop button even from Ord, and it can shift from it to the next operation at a stretch.

ASPS is carried and the unrecorded part of about 3 seconds can be automatically made during recording.

Bias and an equalizer can switch three steps independently.

The Dolbey circuit is carried.

The full auto stop adoption s Is, and if any mode of a Recording play and rewinding of operation finishes rolling a tape, a mechanism will be in a halt condition automatically.

By using an optional audio timer together, absence recording and an alarm clock play are possible.

Rating of a mode
Form Cassette deck
Truck form Four two truck system
Head For Recording plays: Hard permalloy
For elimination: Ferrite head
Motor For fixed speed: DC servo motor
For fast forward / rewinding: direct-current motor
Magnetic tape velocity 4.75cm/s
Fast forward / rewinding time It is C-60 tape and is about 80 seconds.
Wow and flutter 0.05%(WRMS)
Frequency response Normal: 30Hz - 14kHz
A special, Fe-Cr:30Hz-16kHz
S/N Dolby out:56dB
Dolby in:64dB
Cross talk Between channels: 35dB
Between trucks: 65dB
Equalizer damping time constant Normal: 3180/120 microsecond
A special, Fe-Cr:3180 / 70 microseconds
Input sensitivity/impedance Mic: 0.3mV/1.8kohm
Line: 100mV/90kohm
An Output voltage/impedance Line: 420mV/22kohm
Headphone: 80mV/eight ohms
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 20W
Dimensions Width 270x height 140x depth of 246mm
Weight 6.3kg
Attachment Input-and-output cord: Two