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88,000yen(around the 1978 time)

It is the cassette deck which incorporated the variegated mechanism in the compact body.

Two motor composition and a closed loop dual capstan system are adopted.
By this system, the tape is more certainly held by 2 sets of pinch rollers, and a capstan. If a motor rotates, according to the peripheral-speed difference of the flywheel of the rolling-up side and a supply side, the tape tension in a loop will always be kept constant, and the tape side and the head will be stuck by the stable power. Moreover, the rotation unevenness of a reel base, vibration, etc. could almost be intercepted with two capstans and pinch rollers, and the stable tape run is realized.
In M-T01, 2 motor forms are adopted, the PLL servo direct-current motor is carried in the motor for fixed speed, and the outstanding tape run is realized on it.

Operation of a mechanism is controlled electronically and feather touch operation is adopted as a tape control part. The direct change which can shift from every mode of operation to the next operation by this without operating a stop button is also enabled.

The newly developed magnetic body Sendust head is adopted as a head. This magnetic body is what combines the magnetic property which was excellent in the permalloy, and the super-life nature of ferrite, and enables sound quality maintenance still in the state at the time of initial adjustment over the long period of time.

ASPS (Automatic Spacing Pause System) which makes the unrecorded part of a fixed interval automatically on a tape is carried during recording.
If the ASPS button is pushed during recording, the lamp of ASPS lights up, a tape run is continued omitting a recording incoming signal, a deck moves to a stop state automatically in about 3 seconds, the lamp of ASPS goes out, and it will be in a PAUSE state.

Peak meter is carried.

The three-step change tape selector which made the equalizer become independent of bias is carried.

A memory stop and memory start yesterday are carried.

The MPX filter which can be turned on and off is carried.

Absence recording is possible at the combined use with an external audio timer.

The level adjustment of a mike input and the line-in can be carried out independently, and microphone mixing is possible.

The Dolbey circuit is built in.

The mono microphone jack is carried in Lch.

Rating of a mode
Form Cassette deck
Form Closed loop dual capstan system
Truck form Four two truck system
Head For Recording plays: Sendust head
For elimination: Ferrite head
Motor For fixed speed :P LL servo direct-current motor
For fast forward / rewinding: direct-current motor
Magnetic tape velocity 4.75cm/s
Fast forward / rewinding time It is C-60 tape and is about 80 seconds.
Wow and flutter 0.045%(WRMS)
Frequency response Normal: 30Hz - 15kHz
A special, Fe-Cr:30Hz-17kHz
S/N Dolby out:56dB
Dolby in:64dB
Cross talk Between channels: 35dB
Between trucks: 65dB
Equalizer damping time constant Normal: 3180/120 microsecond
A special, Fe-Cr:3180 / 70 microseconds
Input sensitivity/impedance Mic: 0.3mV/1.8kohm
Line: 100mV/120kohm
An Output voltage/impedance Line: 420mV/22kohm
Headphone: 110mV/eight ohms
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 20W
Dimensions Width 270x height 140x depth of 246mm
Weight 6.3kg
Attachment Input-and-output cord: Two