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Picture of LT-5

A full-auto player with linear tracking system.

It uses a linear tracking system in which the arm moves linearly on the record board.
The linear tracking tracking method, tracking error and harmonic distortion can be reduced because the tangential direction of the sound groove is accurately traced. In addition, since there is no inside force, the needle tip can be made symmetrical contact, and overall tracking capability can be improved.

A stainless steel wire is used for the drive of the moving base that fixes the tone arm. This wire realizes excellent durability and flexibility by combining 49 fine wires of 0.05 mm diameter and applying nylon coating.
Tracking error is detected by the potential difference between the two photodiode outputs at the rear of the arm.

To detect the record size, an optical system is applied to the automatic record size detection mechanism.
In this system, the reflector emits light from an obliquely upward direction, guides the light from the turntable seat reflector to the sensor, and changes the output of the sensor by irradiating or shielding the light according to the size of the record. This output is sent to the logic circuit, and the record size is automatically detected. Based on the detected record size, the needle down position and rotation speed are automatically determined.

Equipped with a quick response mechanism, even when the arm is ascending or descending by automatic operation, if you indicate the next operation with the button, it will move immediately to that operation.

Feather touch type using micro switch is adopted for the operation button.

The full-auto mechanism uses an EC (electronic control) circuit, which uses a single-chip LSI to accurately control complex operations.

Equipped with a needle tip protection function, the tone arm does not lower when there is no record on the turntable.

Uses a muting mechanism to cut noise.

By expanding the span of the pivot of the tone arm part, looseness of the pipe part is eliminated, and high sensitivity is realized in both vertical and horizontal directions.

Stainless steel is used for the material of the tone arm to reduce the deflection of the pipe part.
In addition, specially coated OFCu (oxygen-free conductor) is used for the conductor inside the arm and the conductor in the head shell to reduce the total DC resistance from the head shell to the pin plug.

The turntable is driven by a direct drive system using a quartz PLL system, which controls the number of revolutions of the motor according to the reference signal of the crystal oscillator, and by using a high-torque DC servo motor with a precisely finished bearing mechanism, stable rotation is achieved.

Wooden cabinet is used for the cabinet.

Model Rating
Type Linear tracking electronically controlled full auto player
<Turntable portion>
Drive system Direct drive
Motor 4-Phase 12-Pole Quartz PLL / DC Servo Motor
Turntable 304 mm Aluminum Alloy Die-cast, 1.3 kg
Number of revolutions 33 1/3, 45 rpm
Wow and flutter 0.025% (WRMS, JIS)
Signal-to-noise ratio 78dB(DIN-B)
Tone Arm Section
Format Static Balance, Universal Straight Pipe
Total Length 220mm
Effective length 171mm
Tracking error angle ± 0.1 degrees or less
Needle pressure adjustment 0 ~ 3g Direct Reading Type (0.1g Step)
Head shell Glass fiber reinforced plastic
Cartridge mounting weight range 10g ~ 18g
Pwer 100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 14W
External dimensions Width 424x Height 142x Depth 417 mm
Weight 10kg
Attachment Dust cover
Overhang gauge
45 Rotation Adapter
Hex Wrench