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54,800yen(around the 1981 time)

It is a cassette deck corresponding to the metal tape which carries the tape selector of four positions.

The high precision DC servo motor was adopted and the stable run which stopped the unevenness of tape speed is realized.

The Dolbey circuit is carried and the hysteresis noise of a tape is reduced.

VU meter loading.

Rating of a mode
Form Cassette tape deck
Truck system Four trucks [ two ]
Head Recording/play : Hard permalloy
Elimination: Ferrite
Motor DC servo motor
Wow and flutter 0.045%(W.R.M.S)
S/N ratio 66dB (Dolbey IN)
Frequency response Normal: 40Hz - 14000Hz
Special Felix Chromium: 40Hz - 16000Hz
Metal: 40Hz - 17000Hz
Power source AC100V 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 18W
Dimensions Width 424x height 106x depth of 292mm
Weight 5.5kg