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62,800yen(around the 1979 time)

It is a cassette deck which carries a MPSS function.

The automatic search mechanism (MPSS=Music Program Selecter System) which can jump over several music and which can be heard from the music reproduced now is carried. This mechanism has structure which detects the unrecorded portion between music and operates with a non-signal detection system.
If operation jumps over the number set button of music and pushes it by the number of times of music after it makes an automatic song selection switch the position of MPSS, the digital display of the number of music set to the number display part of music will be carried out. thereby -- as for back music, the front music can begin a play from the music under present play automatically to eight music to nine music.

The memory rewind mechanism in which a tape is made to rewind and stop to the set position with the combination of a tape counter and an auto stop mechanism is carried. If a memory switch is turned ON at the time of play/recording start, a tape counter is set to 000 and a rewind button is pushed after a play/recording, a tape will stop in the set position.

If the REC MUTE function is carried and the control lever is turned ON during recording, it will become a unrecorded portion only while carrying out.

The newly developed Sendust head is adopted as a Recording-play head, and correspondence to a metal tape is realized.

The tape selector of four positions is carried.

ST mechanism (soft touch operation) is adopted as a tape control button.
This ST mechanism operates head housing using the driving force of a motor, and does not require mechanical load for a play button. Moreover, one-touch recording which can record only by pushing one recording button is realized.

The peak level indicator of 15 points is adopted.

The IC-ized Dolbey circuit is carried.

Rating of a mode
Form Cassette deck
Truck form Four trucks [ two ]
Motor DC servo motor
Head For Recording plays: Sendust head
For elimination: Ferrite head
Magnetic tape velocity 4.75cm/s
Fast forward / rewinding time It is C-60 tape and is about 105 seconds.
Wow and flutter 0.07% or less (WRMS)
Frequency response 30Hz - 14kHz (normal tape)
30Hz - 16kHz (a special, a Fe-Cr, metal)
Signal to noise ratio Dolby out: 56dB or more
Dolby in: 64dB or more
Equalizer damping time constant 3,180 microseconds/120microsecond (normal tape)
3,180 microseconds/70microsecond (a special, a Fe-Cr, metal)
Input sensitivity/impedance Mic: 0.3mV/1.8kohm
Line: 90mV/50kohm
An Output voltage/impedance Line: 440mV/22kohm
Headphone: 80mV/eight ohms
Dimensions Width 424x height 154x depth of 244mm
Weight 4.8kg