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52,800yen(around the 1979 time)

It is a stereo cassette deck corresponding to a metal tape.

The newly developed Sendust head is adopted as a Recording-play head, and correspondence to a metal tape is realized.
Moreover, the tape selector of four positions which added the metal position is carried.

ST mechanism (soft touch operation) is adopted as a tape control button, and soft operativity is realized.
This ST mechanism has the structure of operating head housing using the driving force of a motor, and does not require mechanical load for a play button. Moreover, the one-touch recording function which can be recorded only by pushing one recording button is carried.

The peak level indicator of 15 points is adopted as a level meter.

The Dolbey circuit which IC-ized the whole circuit is adopted. This is aiming at the improvement of the characteristic.

Rating of a mode
Form Cassette deck
Truck form Four trucks [ two ]
Motor DC servo motor
Head For Recording plays: Sendust head
For elimination: Ferrite head
Magnetic tape velocity 4.75cm/s
Fast forward / rewinding time It is C-60 tape and is about 105 seconds.
Wow and flutter 0.07% or less (WRMS)
Frequency response 30Hz - 14kHz (normal tape)
30Hz - 16kHz (a special, Fe-Cr, metal)
Signal to noise ratio Dolby out: 56dB or more
Dolby in: 64dB or more
Equalizer damping time constant 3,180 microseconds/120microsecond (normal tape)
3,180 microseconds/70microsecond (a special, Fe-Cr, metal)
Input sensitivity/impedance Mic: 0.3mV/1.8kohm
Line: 90mV/50kohm
An Output voltage/impedance Line: 440mV/22kohm
Headphone: 80mV/eight ohms
Dimensions Width 424x height 154x depth of 244mm
Weight 4.6kg