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59,800yen(1972 release)

It is a tape deck in which auto-reverse is possible.

By sticking sensing foil on a tape end, the auto-reverse performance of right-and-left both directions is possible.

Since it corresponds also to a low-noise tape, the tape selection switch is adopted and the recording of the conventional tape and a low-noise tape is possible by good sound quality with a change.

After operation of a pinch roller has adopted the electromagnetism solenoid system and a tape performance finishes, it is the structure which an auto stopper commits, and a pinch roll also separates at the same time a motor power source is shut off.
Moreover, only by pushing the Play button, since a mechanism is the structure which a pinch roller commits with a standby state only after a power source is turned on, the housesitting recording which uses a time switch etc. is possible for it.

The dual capstan system with two flywheels, the object for a right run and the object for the left run, is adopted, and since the reaction to an inversion run of a tape is also quick, trouble to a performance is not caused.
Moreover, the wow and flutter is also improved with a belt drive and two flywheels.

The band brake adopted with business use or a high-class machine is adopted, it operates certainly smoothly also in rapid stop operation, and a tape is not damaged.

In order to prevent that a rapid tension is added to a tape, if the power more than fixed is added to a tape, the reel base of the friction slip system which softens tension will be adopted.

The pause mechanism which can stop a run of a tape temporarily is carried also in a Recording play.

The hysteresis synchronous motor is adopted as a motor and change of the tape speed by smooth rotation operation and change of power supply voltage is suppressed.

Rating of a mode
Form Four two truck auto-reverse system tape deck
Use tape Normal, Low Noise Tape
The maximum use reel No. 7
Tape speed 9.5 cm/s and 19cm/s
Truck form Four two truck stereo
Recording system AC bias
Elimination system AC elimination
Input sensitivity/input impedance Mic: 0.5mV/2.2kohm
Line: 100mV/270kohm
An Output voltage/impedance Line: 300mV/2.7kohm
Din: 300mV/2.7kohm
Frequency response 19 cm/s: 20Hz-20kHz, Playback:50Hz-15kHz±3dB
9.5 cm/s: 20Hz-10kHz
Wow and flutter 19 cm/s: Below 0.1%Wrms
9.5 cm/s: Below 0.14%Wrms
Signal to noise ratio 55dB or more
Equalizer 19 cm/s: 50microsecond, 3180 microseconds
9.5 cm/s: 90microsecond, 3180 microseconds
Fast forward rewinding time About 2 minutes (370m)
The semiconductor used Transistor: 18 pieces
Diode: Ten pieces
Power supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 62W
Dimensions Width 423x height 192x depth of 372mm
Weight 12.7kg