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59,800yen(around the 1971 time)

It is the stereo tape deck which gave sufficient mechanical precision for the whole mechanism, and was designed.

By sticking sensing foil on a tape end, the auto-reverse performance of right-and-left both directions is possible.
A Recording play is possible and can also perform an endless performance.

The dual capstan system with two flywheels, the object for a right run and the object for the left run, is adopted.
Thereby, the reaction to the inversion run of a tape was also completed early, and has prevented the trouble to the performance.
Moreover, the numerical value of a wow and flutter is also improved with a belt drive and two flywheels.

The electromagnetism solenoid system is adopted as operation of a pinch roller, and after a tape performance finishes, while an auto stopper works and a motor is turned off, a pinch roller also separates.

The band brake was adopted, it operated certainly smoothly also in rapid stop operation, and the tape pain is prevented.

The 0.1mm permalloy lamination head is adopted as a head.

The hysteresis synchronous motor in which operational stability is possible is adopted as a motor.


Rating of a mode
Form Four two truck auto-reverse system tape deck
The maximum use reel No. 7
Tape speed 9.5 cm/s and 19cm/s
Truck form Four two truck stereo
Recording system AC bias, 80kHz
Elimination system AC elimination
Input sensitivity Mic:0.3mV
Output voltage Output:0.8V
Frequency response 19 cm/s: 20Hz-20kHz, Playback:50Hz-15kHz±2dB
9.5 cm/s: 20Hz-14kHz
Wow and flutter 19 cm/s: Below 0.1%Wrms
9.5 cm/s: Below 0.14%Wrms
Signal to noise ratio 58dB or more (JIS)
Cross talk 60dB or more
Elimination rate 65dB or more
The semiconductor used Transistor: 18 pieces
Diode: Nine pieces
Power supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 58W
Dimensions Width 402x height 181x depth of 345mm
Weight 11kg