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49,800yen(around the 1972 time)

It is 3 head tape deck which adopted as recording / play / elimination the head which became independent, respectively.

The hysteresis synchronous motor which tape speed does not change even if it changes power supply voltage with smooth rotation operation on a motor is adopted.

In order to prevent that a rapid tension is added to a tape, if the power more than fixed is added to a tape, the protection mechanism of the friction slip system which softens tension is carried.

The electromagnetism solenoid system is adopted as the operation method of a pinch roller, and after a tape performance finishes, an auto stopper works.
Moreover, only by the Play button entering, since a pinch roller begins to move with a standby state only after a power source is turned on, the housesitting recording which uses a time switch etc. is also possible for a mechanism.

The band brake is carried and it operates smoothly also in rapid stop operation.

It is possible by carrying the pause mechanism and switching the inside of a Recording play to a pause to make a run of a tape stop temporarily.

Four sets of the amplifier of two sets of the amplifier only for a play and two sets of the amplifier only for recording are built in the amplifier part.

The tape selection switch is carried and good recording is made to the conventional tape and each low-noise tape by change.

The volume of a microphone and line-in has adopted the circuit which became independent, respectively, and mixing recording is possible.

Rating of a mode
Form Four two truck 3 head system tape deck
Use tape Normal, Low Noise Tape
The maximum use reel No. 7
Tape speed 9.5 cm/s and 19cm/s
Truck form Four two truck stereo
Recording system AC bias
Elimination system AC elimination
Input sensitivity/input impedance Mic: 0.5mV/2.2kohm
Line: 100mV/270kohm
An Output voltage/impedance Line: 300mV/2.7kohm
Din: 300mV/2.7kohm
Frequency response 19 cm/s: 20Hz-20kHz, Playback:50Hz-15kHz±3dB
9.5 cm/s: 20Hz-10kHz
Wow and flutter 19 cm/s: Below 0.1%Wrms
9.5 cm/s: Below 0.14%Wrms
Signal to noise ratio 56dB or more
Equalizer 19 cm/s: 50microsecond, 3180 microseconds
9.5 cm/s: 90microsecond, 3180 microseconds
Fast forward rewinding time About 2 minutes (370m)
The semiconductor used IC: Six pieces
Transistor: Ten pieces
Diode: Ten pieces
Power supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 55W
Dimensions Width 423x height 192x depth of 372mm
Weight 12kg