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Image of DP-EC8

A highly rigid pipe arm is used for the tone arm, and harmful resonance and arm rolling are suppressed by a wide span pivot, etc.

The fully automatic electronic control system automatically detects the record size to improve operability, and the circuit is integrated into an LSI to improve reliability.

A stable motor rotation is achieved by quartz control, and S/N is improved by paying attention to dynamic balance.

A turntable made of aluminum alloy die-cast is adopted, and stability is improved by driving at high torque.

Model Rating
Type Electronically controlled full auto player
Motor Quartz PLL / DC servo motor
Wow and flutter 0.03%(W.R.M.S)
Signal-to-noise ratio 70dB(DIN-B)
Exchange needle 3D-47M
Pwer AC100V 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 11W
External dimensions Width 424x Height 115x Depth 378 mm
Weight 7.0kg
Sold Separately Dust Cover HX-440 (¥ 2,500)