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59,800yen(November 1, 1978 release)

It is the EC (electronic control) full auto player which eliminated complicated operation.

The prevention mechanism from a vibration with an anti Resonance filter is carried in the balance weight of a tone arm part.
Moreover, special reinforced plastic containing glass fiber is adopted as some parts which constitute each portion of a tone arm. Since [ that rigidity is high ] this material has the large internal loss, it has eliminated the unnecessary vibration in a voice band.
Furthermore, the rolling phenomenon of the tone arm under record performance is prevented by the design which took the large span of the perpendicular pivot.

Two exclusive motors which became independent to the object for horizontal and perpendicular are adopted as the drive of a tone arm.

The record size automatic detection mechanism of the same system as DP-EC1MKII and DP-EC3 is carried in the record size automatic detection mechanism of DP-EC5. By this mechanism, by the optical principle, record size (30cm/17cm) was detected without touching a record, and the needle descent position at the time of an auto performance and the end position of a performance are determined automatically.

If the quick response mechanism is carried and an arm directs new operation with a button also in /descent during a rise in auto operation, it will shift to the next operation immediately.

The direct-drive system which used the DC servo motor of 20 pole 30 slot is adopted as the drive of a turntable.
Moreover, the turntable with an outside diameter of 324mm and a weight of 1.3kg is adopted as a turntable.

Operation in the state where the dust cover was closed according to the layout which concentrated the manual operation button on the front panel is also possible.

The power switch which serves as an arm lock is carried.

The safe needle point protection mechanism is carried also in the operation mistake.

Rating of a mode
Form Electronic-control full auto player
<Turntable part>
Drive system Direct-drive system
Motor 20 pole 30 slot, a DC servo motor
Turntable The product made from 324mm aluminum alloy die-casting, 1.3kg
Inertial mass 280g-cm-S2
Number of rotations 33 1 / 3 or 45rpm
Wow and flutter 0.03% or less (WRMS)
Signal to noise ratio 73dB or more (DIN-B)
<Tone arm part>
Form A static balance type and a universal S character pipe arm
Full length 320mm
Active length 227mm
Overhang 14mm
Tracking error angle + 2.9 degrees-1.5 degrees
Offset angle 22 degrees
Needle pressure adjustment Direct-reading types 0-3 g (0.1g step)
Head shell Strengthening resin fabrication containing glass fiber, 6.6g
Cartridge attachment weight range 5-10.5g
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 9W
Dimensions Width 454x height 145x depth of 380mm
Weight 9.5kg
Attachment 45 rotation adapter
Hexagon head wrench