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130,000yen(around the 1980 time)

It is the full auto player with which further improvement was performed based on DP-EC1mkII. .

The electronic-control full auto mechanism is adopted. Thereby, it is controllable only by pushing a manual operation button in operation of all the tone arms. Moreover, 1 chip LSI is adopted as a circuit and the quick exact reaction is realized.

The record size automatic detection mechanism by application of an optical system is adopted.
By this system, light is glared from the slanting upper part with a reflector, and it has the structure of leading light to a sensor from the reflector for turntable sheets. According to the size of a record, irradiation/interception of this light are done, and it changes the output of a sensor. This output is sent to a logic circuit and record size is detected automatically.
Based on this detected record size, a needle descent position and a rotating speed are determined automatically.

Since it is operating carrying the quick response function and always detecting the state of an arm lifter or an arm, it is possible to carry out auto operation from every position. Thereby, in auto operation, during a rise, also in /descent, if an arm directs the following new operation with a button, it will shift to the operation immediately.

The feather touch type which uses a microswitch is adopted as button operation.

The muting mechanism which cuts a noise is carried.

In order to suppress a vibration of a tone arm, the weight case and the anti Resonance filter which added the butyl rubber damper are adopted as the structure by a needle pressure knob and main weight. Moreover, by extending the span of a pivot, ガタ of the pipe part was lost and perpendicularity and a horizontal direction have realized high sensitivity.

The exclusive motor which became independent in the two horizontal/vertical directions is adopted as the drive of a tone arm.

The titanium alloy is adopted as the quality of the material of a tone arm.

OFC (non-oxygen conducting wire) which gave special covering is used for the conducting wire in an arm, and head shell conducting wire.

The head shell made from a Magnesium alloy is adopted as head shell.

The Quartz PLL system which controls the number of rotations of a motor by the standard signal of a crystal oscillator is adopted as the drive of a turntable.
Moreover, the high torque DC servo motor of the bearing mechanism finished precisely is adopted as a drive motor.

Cabinet structure is the structure which combined die casting, a wooden frame, and resinamic.

In consideration of the influence on the play sound by a turntable sheet, the turntable sheet examined from both sides of form and the quality of the material is adopted. This sheet has become earthenware mortar-like slightly in consideration of thickness, curvature, etc. of a record, and is strengthening adhesion nature with a record. Moreover, in quality of the material, examination was repeated over hardness, specific gravity, etc. and the butadiene-stylene rubber sheet containing a load material is adopted.

Rating of a mode
Form Full auto player
<Turntable part>
Drive system Direct-drive system
Motor 4 phase 12 pole Quartz PLL and a DC servo motor
Turntable The product made from outside-diameter aluminum alloy die casting of 333mm, 1.8kg
Inertial mass 350kg-cm2
Number of rotations 33 1 / 3 or 45rpm
Number-of-rotations change system Electronic formula (it is a manual change at the time of irregular number of rotations)
Wow and flutter 0.011%(WRMS)
0.025% (only WRMS, JIS, and rotation part)
Signal to noise ratio 80dB or more (DIN-B)
<Tone arm part>
Form Static balance, universal S character pipe type
Full length 320mm
Active length 227mm
Overhang 14mm
Offset angle 22 degrees
Tracking error angle + 2.9 degrees-1.5 degrees
Needle pressure adjustment 0-3g Direct-reading type (0.1g step)
Head shell A Magnesium alloy, 6.2g
Cartridge attachment weight range 11g-16.5g
16g-21.5g (at the time of subweight use)
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 12W
Dimensions Width 474x height 150x depth of 395mm
Weight 14kg
Attachment Overhang gage
45 times diversion adapter
Sub wait