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120,000yen(around the 1976 time)

It is the record player which aimed at investigation of the basic engine performance, and coexistence of the auto mechanism by introducing EC (Electronic Control) system.

Even if it auto-izes, in order to maintain the high basic engine performance, the arm position detection mechanism by the uncontacted system which does not apply any side pressure to an arm is adopted.
Since it is the design which operates while detecting by no contacting in which position within a level drive the state (is the arm going up or is it descending?) of an arm lifter and an arm are, auto operation is possible from every position. Moreover, except while the arm is moving by auto, manual operation is possible without change operation of an auto manual.

The system which used the reflector is adopted as the detection mechanism of record size. Light is glared from the slanting upper part of a record with a reflector (prism), and light is led to the sensor corresponding to each record size, and also the output from a sensor is put into a logic circuit, and size is made to judge by this system.
The needle descent position at the time of an auto performance, the end position of a performance, and the turntable rotating speed are automatically determined by this size detection mechanism.

The control knob uses the truth black switch.

The auto mechanism is controlled by the IC-ized logic circuit. This control part is constituted combining reliable IC, and has eliminated the problem by wear, adjustment gap, etc.

The original mechanism which built the damper into the core of a balance weight is adopted as a tone arm part, and the vibration is dumped. Moreover, it changes into the conventional aluminum pipe and the rigidity of the pipe part is improved using the stainless steel pipe with larger intensity.
The plug-in mechanism of a chuck type is adopted as the plug-in part which attaches head shell, and combination of head shell and a pipe part has become a more positive thing by binding head shell tight from four directions.
Furthermore, the span of a perpendicular pivot is extended and the power committed by adopting a full-scale radial ball bearing as a level bearing in the direction which pulls a pipe, or the direction to twist is suppressed.

The independent motor the object for horizontal and for perpendicular is used for the drive of a tone arm, and it has prevented affecting the drive system of a turntable.

The direct drive motor which adopted as detection of a rotating speed found the integral type FG system (system which changes and detects a rotating speed in frequency) is adopted as a drive motor. Moreover, by a direct-drive system, since it does not have a deceleration mechanism, it becomes disadvantageous in respect of the torque, but the high torque has been acquired by adopting direct-current motor of starting torque 1.2 kg-cm as a motor.

While adopting a 1.8kg turntable as a turntable, examination is added also to the turntable sheet.
Examination is added to especially the turntable sheet in respect of hardness, specific gravity, thickness, etc. about adhesion nature and sound quality with a record. It is designed from this result become earthenware mortar-like slightly. Moreover, about the quality of the material, it is determined together with the character which a tone arm and others have, and is designed become a value of maximum 5.5mm in thickness, specific gravity 2.0, and hardness 40.

The electronic slide system using LED is adopted.
With the stroboscope equipment using a neon lamp, since luminescence time was long, while emitting light, eye stroboscope stripes moved and the blot had generated it. In order to lessen this blot, the signal of the very short pulse width of 1 / 1000 seconds is made in electronic using a commercial cycle, and LED is driven with this signal.

The electronic formula muting mechanism is carried.

The precision die-casting base is adopted.

Weight Automatic

Rating of a mode
Form Electronic-control full auto player
<Turntable part>
Drive system Direct-drive system
Motor 4 phase 12 pole 24 slot, FG and a DC servo motor
Turntable The product made from 312mm aluminum alloy die-casting, 1.8kg
Moment of inertia 280g-cmS2
Number of rotations 33 1 / 3 or 45rpm
Speed change Electronic formula (auto or manual)
Fine-tune range ±3%
Wow and flutter 0.025%(WRMS)
Signal to noise ratio 65dB(IEC-B)
<Tone arm part>
Form A static balance type and a universal S character pipe arm
Full length 320mm
Active length 227mm
Overhang 14mm
Tracking error angle + 2.9 degrees-1.5 degrees
Offset angle 22 degrees
Needle pressure adjustment Direct-reading types 0-3 g (0.1g step)
Head shell The product made from aluminum die-casting, 9.8g
Head shell part weight range which can be attached 8-16g
12g-20g (sub-wait use)
< attached mechanism, other >
Anti skating mechanism The variable type corresponding to needle pressure
Stroboscope The electronic stroboscope by LED, inside 照式
Insulator Height adjustment is possible.
Player board The product made from aluminum die-casting
Cabinet Rosewood tone finishing
Dust cover A free stop hinge and attachment and detachment are possible.
Acrylic resin fabrication
Power source AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power-source fuse capacity 1A
Power consumption 11W
Dimensions Width 475x height 150x depth of 370mm
Weight 11kg
Attachment 45 adapters
Overhang gage
The driver for adjustment
Sub wait