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A record player that achieves both basic performance and automatic mechanism by introducing EC (Electronic Control) system.

In order to maintain high basic performance even after automation, we have adopted a non-contact arm position detection mechanism that does not apply any side pressure to the arm.
Since the arm lifter is designed to operate while detecting the state of the arm lifter (whether the arm is up or down) and the position of the arm within the horizontal drive without contact, automatic operation is possible from any position. In addition, manual operation is possible without switching between auto and manual operation except when the arm is moving with auto.

The system uses a reflector to detect the size of a record. In this system, a reflector (prism) emits light from obliquely above the record, guides the light to a sensor corresponding to each record size, and sends the output from the sensor to a logic circuit to determine the size of the record.
This size detection mechanism automatically determines the needle down position, performance end position, and turntable rotation speed during automatic performance.

A true black switch is used for the control knob.

The automatic mechanism is controlled by an IC-based logic circuit. This control section is composed of a combination of highly reliable ICs to eliminate problems such as wear and misalignment.

The tone arm is equipped with a unique mechanism that incorporates a damper inside the counterweight to damp resonance. In addition, the rigidity of the pipe section is increased by using a stronger stainless steel pipe instead of conventional aluminum pipe.
The plug-in part for attaching the head shell adopts a chuck type plug-in mechanism, and by tightening the head shell from four directions, the connection between the head shell and the pipe part is more reliable.
In addition, by expanding the span of the vertical pivot and adopting a full-scale radial ball bearing for water plain bearing, the force acting in the direction of pulling and twisting the pipe is reduced.

Separate motors for the horizontal and vertical directions are used to drive the tone arm to prevent it from affecting the turntable drive system.

The drive motor is a direct drive motor that uses an integral type FG method for detecting rotational speed (a method that converts rotational speed into frequency for detection). In addition, the direct drive type has a disadvantage in torque because it does not have a reduction mechanism, but by using a DC motor with a starting torque of 1.2 starting torque of kg ・ cm.

In addition to the 1.8 kg turntable, consideration has been given to the turntable seat.
The turntable sheet is designed to have a slight mortar shape based on the results of the examination of hardness, specific gravity, thickness and adhesion to the record and sound quality. The material is determined based on the tone arm and other properties, and is designed to have a maximum thickness of 5.5 mm, specific gravity of 2.0, and hardness of 40.

Electronic slide system using LED is adopted.
In the case of a strobe device using a neon lamp, since the light emission time is long, the stroboscopic stripes move during the light emission, causing blurring. To reduce this blurring, an electronic circuit generates a signal with a pulse width as short as 1/1000 second using a commercial frequency and drives the LED by this signal.

It is equipped with an electronic muting mechanism.

Uses precision die-cast base.

Model Rating
Type Electronically controlled full auto player
<Turntable portion>
Drive system Direct drive system
Motor 4-phase 12-pole 24-slot, FG / DC servo motor
Turntable 312 mm Aluminum Alloy Die-cast, 1.8 kg
Inertial efficiency 280g-cmS2
Number of revolutions 33 1/3, 45 rpm
Speed change Electronic (automatic or manual)
Fine adjustment range + / - 3%
Wow flutter 0.025%(WRMS)
Signal-to-noise ratio 65dB(IEC-B)
Tone Arm Section
Type Static Balance Type / Universal S-shaped Pipe Arm
Total Length 320mm
Effective length 227mm
Overhang 14mm
Tracking error angle + 2.9 °, -1.5 °
Offset Angle 22 °
Needle pressure adjustment Direct Reading Type 0 ~ 3g (0.1g Step)
Head shell Die-cast aluminum, 9.8g
Attachable Head Shell Weight Range 8 ~ 16g
12g ~ 20g (Using Sub Weight)
<Attachment mechanism and others>
Anti-skating mechanism Needle Pressure Compatible Variable Type
Strobe Electronic strobe with LED, internally illuminated type
Insulator Height Adjustable
Player board Made of aluminum die cast
Cabinet Rosewood-like finish
Dust cover Free stop hinge, removable
Acrylic resin molding
Pwer 100 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz
Power fuse capacity 1A
Power consumption 11W
External dimensions Width 475x Height 150x Depth 370 mm
Weight 11kg
Attachment 45 adapter
Overhang gauge
Driver for adjustment