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49,800yen(November, 1969 release)

It is the player system which added improvement to DP-81B and was put on the market.

The hysteresis synchronous motor of 4 pole 16 coil capacitor starting is adopted as a motor.
Moreover, it was considered as the belt drive system by the polyurethane endless belt which carried out precision polish of both sides, and the stable play is realized.

The 31cm thing which gave precision processing is adopted as a turntable.

The absent-resonance static balance type pipe arm is adopted, and the plug-in head shell system of the Europe type needle pressure Direct-reading type is adopted.
The lateral balancer and the inside force canceller are carried. Moreover, the unnecessary "Direct-reading type needle pressure impression system" of a needle pressure gauge is adopted as adjustment of needle pressure.

The cartridge is equipped standardly with IM type cartridge of the high compliance type which adopted the maintenance mechanism of the establishment meter.

Rating of a mode
Form Belt drive system record player
Motor 4 pole hysteresis synchronous motor (capacitor starting)
Turntable The product made from 31cm aluminum die-casting (double turntable)
Number of rotations 2 speeds (33 1/3rpm, 45rpm)
Wow and flutter 0.1% or less
Signal to noise ratio 50dB or more
Pickup Static balance type pipe arm
A lateral balancer, with an inside force canceller
With a sub wait
Head shell The product made from a lightweight aluminum alloy, the Europe type plug-in system
(needle pressure Direct-reading type)
Cartridge IM type
Needle pressure 2±0.5g
Cross talk 25dB or more (1kHz)
The needle used 0.5mil diagram needle (3D-28M)
Compliance 15x10 to 6 cm/dyne
Output balance 0.5dB or less
Frequency response 10Hz - 25kHz
Load resistance 50kohm
An attached mechanism Pilot lamp
Removal type auto hinge
Oil dumping queuing
Power-source linkage belt locking device
Power supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 16W
Dimensions Width 540x height 190x depth of 410mm
Weight 11kg