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A record player developed as a high-end player system for the Diatone series.

A capacitor-activated 4-pole hysteresis synchronous motor is used as the drive motor.
In particular, the rotor has a micro-level balance, making it possible to reproduce with less motor vibration.

The turntable has a double structure.
Rotation unevenness is suppressed by the double structure of the inside turntable made of precision finished aluminum alloy and the outside turntable with large flywheel effect. In addition, since the endless belt drives the inside turntable, belt replacement can be done simply by removing the outside turntable.

Ultra-precision polishing is applied to the Center shaft and bearings that support the turntable.
The thrust bearing is made of nylon resin and combined with a precision double turntable to realize rotation without uneven rotation and vibration.

A static balanced tone arm is used balance type tone arm.
Since the universal 4-terminal plug-in connector head shell is used for the connector, overseas products such as Orthophone can be replaced as it is.
It also comes with a spare head shell that is convenient when using other cartridges.

A high-compliance type MM cartridge is used.

It adopts an oil dump type arm elevation mechanism and allows smooth arm elevation.
In addition, since the operation lever is linked with the speed switching push button, the motor stops when the operation lever is OFF, and the speed switching button is locked and the belt does not get damaged.

The cabinet has an oil finish that takes advantage of the wood grain of Eurasian teak.

Model Rating
Type Record player
Drive motor Condenser starting 4-pole synchronous motor
Drive system Belt drive system
Turntable 310 mm φ Aluminum Alloy Double Structure (2.2 kg)
Number of revolutions 33 1/3, 45 rpm (2 speeds)
Belts Double-sided Precision Polished Polyurethane Endless Belt
Signal-to-noise ratio 45 dB or more
Wow Not more than 0.1%
Pick-up arm Static balance type pipe arm
2-division main weight, lateral balance and needle pressure application weight system
Head shell Lightweight aluminum alloy plug-in system
EIA JIS standard mounting, European type plug-in method
Cartridge MM Type
Output 5 mv (1000 Hz, 50mm/sec)
Needle pressure 1.5 ~ 3.5g
Needle tip 0.5 mil diamond needle
Compliance 10x10-6cm/dyne
Channel separation 25 dB or More (1000 Hz)
Playback frequency range 20 Hz to 22000 Hz
Pwer AC100V 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 50Hz:15VA
External dimensions Width 550x Height 248x Depth 420 mm
Weight 16.5kg
Attachment Spare head shell
Pulley (50 Hz or 60 Hz)
45 adapter