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Image of DP-75B

Auto record player with MM cartridge.

Uses the Diatone cartridge MAG-1 as the MM type cartridge.

It uses a 4-pole synchronous motor with less vibration and less uneven rotation. It is a belt drive system with an endless belt made of finely polished polyurethane.
The turntable is made of aluminum die-cast with a diameter of 30 cm.

It is equipped with an auto mechanism. When you set a record and set the arm on the start point, you just pull the lever to start playing.

Static balance type arm is adopted, and European type plug-in head shell system (needle pressure direct reading type) is adopted.

Model Rating
Type Belt drive type auto record player
Motor 4-pole synchronous motor
Turntable 30 cm Aluminum Die Cast
Number of revolutions 2 Speeds (33 1/3rpm, 45 rpm)
Wow and flutter Not more than 0.15%
Signal-to-noise ratio 45 dB or more
Pick-up Static balanced type pipe arm
With Lateral Balancer, Inside Four Scan Seller
Head shell Lightweight Aluminum Alloy, European Type Plug-in System (Needle Pressure Direct Reading Type)
Cartridge High Compliance MM Type Cartridge (MAG-1)
Needle pressure 2 ± 0.5g
Needle to be used 0.5 mil Diamond Needle (3D-37M)
Frequency characteristic 10 Hz to 25 kHz
Attachment mechanism Auto Return with Mechanical Queuing
Removable auto hinge
Power supply voltage AC100V 50Hz/60Hz
External dimensions Width 450x Height 190x Depth 360 mm
Weight 6.5kg