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29,800yen(around the 1971 time)

It is a stereo record player of a belt drive system.

The belt drive system by the endless belt of polyurethane is adopted as a drive system.
Vibration has adopted as a motor 4 pole synchronous motor which does not have rotation unevenness few. Rotation stabilized also to change of power-supply-voltage load by this is realized.
Moreover, the rotor (rotor) is polished up in micro accuracy and is pulling out the engine performance of the motor.

The auto mechanism is carried and the treatment of auto elevation, the Ohtori turn, reject, etc. is possible.

The static balance form pipe arm is adopted as a tone arm.
The inside force canceller and the lateral balancer are carried in this arm.

The turntable made from aluminum die-casting 30cm in diameter is adopted as a turntable.

Head shell is equipped with the high compliance MM type cartridge.
Cartridge exchange is freely possible.

The free stop hinge which can stop a dust cover in a favorite position is adopted.


Rating of a mode
Form Belt drive system record player
Motor 4 pole synchronous motor
Turntable The product made from 30cm aluminum alloy die-casting
Number of rotations 2 speeds (33 1/3rpm, 45rpm)
Wow and flutter 0.15% or less
Signal to noise ratio 45dB or more
Pickup Static balance type plug-in head-tube arm
A lateral balancer, with an inside force canceller
Head shell The product made from a lightweight aluminum alloy, the Europe type plug-in system
(needle pressure Direct-reading type)
Cartridge High compliance MM type cartridge (DMC-8700)
Needle pressure 3±0.5g
Cross talk 25dB(1kHz)
The needle used 0.5mil diagram needle (3D-33M type)
Compliance 10x10 to 6 cm/dyne
Output balance 1dB or less
Frequency response 10Hz - 25kHz
Load resistance 50kohm
Power supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption 12W
Dimensions Width 450x height 190x depth of 360mm
Weight 6.6kg