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28,000yen(April, 1969 release)

It is a player system with an Ohtori turn auto cut mechanism.

As for the turntable, the belt of a urethane system is covered over the perimeter.

The static balance type is adopted as a tone arm. The lateral balancer, the inside force canceller, and the sub wait are carried in this arm.
The needle pressure can carry out variable to an arm with an S character type universal arm.
A lateral balancer is SME type needle pressure weight combination, and the inside force canceller attaches it.

The arm lifter operates with the lever of a power switch and combination, and is changed to the power source OFF and the power sources ON and PLAY by three steps.

It is possible to carry an auto manual changeover switch, to cancel an auto mechanism, and to carry out manual operation.

Arm elevation, the Ohtori turn functional loading

Rating of a mode
Form Record player
<Cartridge part>
Power generation system MM type
Frequency specially made 10Hz - 25000Hz
Output voltage 5mV(5/cm/sec)
Needle pressure 3g
Needle point 0.7mil
Exchange needle 3D-24M
<Tone arm part>
Tone arm Static balance form
Head connector A standard [ for Europe ]
Pin connection A standard [ for Europe ]
Motor form 4 pole 12 coil outer roller
Drive system Belt drive system
Number of rotations 33 1/3, 45
Turntable 30cm, sheet steel, 2kg
Wow and flutter 0.15 or less
Signal to noise ratio 45dB or more
Power source AC100V 50Hz/60Hz
Dimension Width 540x height 190x depth of 410mm
Weight 10kg