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248,000yen(around the 1982 time)

It is CD player of No. 1 of DIATONE.

In order to employ efficiently the digital signal currently recorded on CD, the error correction circuit and the low distortion D/A converter are carried. Moreover, paying attention to analog circuitry, the part in which even one screw which fixes a chassis thought sound quality as important, and was selected carefully is used.

Powerful rotation control is performed by having adopted the Quartz control phase lock circuit with automatic frequency control as a servo circuit, and also adding an instant drawing-in circuit to it.

Two 8-bit microcomputers are carried in the operation control central part. This has realized variegated operation of an auto performance, a program performance, etc.

The disc loading mechanism with an auto rise function is carried.
If a power source is switched on and an opening-and-closing switch is pushed, while a disc holder opens, it slides and goes up, and will be in the state of being easy to carry out loading of the CD. If this button is pushed also when closing, a disc holder will be closed carrying out slide descent, and CD will begin rotation automatically.

The program performance of a maximum of 30 music is possible.

Specification of performance start / end position can be made to specify by the number of the index in the lapsed time/1 in a number/[ of music ] 1 music.

The repeat performance function of one music / all songs is carried.

Wireless remote control is attached.

Internal Wireless

Rating of a mode
Form CD player
The number of channels Two-channel stereo
Frequency response 5Hz-20kHz±0.5dB
Dynamic range 90dB or more (1kHz)
Channel separation 90dB or more (1kHz)
Distortion 0.004% or less (1kHz, 0dB)
Wow and flutter Quartz accuracy (below a measurement limit)
Performance time of onset Three or less (time until it pushes play from a stop state and reproduces the 1st music) seconds
Analog output level 1.5Vr.m.s (50kohm load, 0dB)
Headphone Output voltage 20mW (Level, Cont.MAX, 8-ohm load)
Power consumption 40W
Dimensions Width 424x height 145x depth of 312mm
Weight 10.5kg
Attachment Wireless remote control