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49,800yen(around the 1972 time)

4ch decoder only for a component which carried SE logic circuit in the decoder part which built in three kinds of matrices of RM-SQ-QM-4, and raised the separation rate of matrix 4ch to it by leaps and bounds.

In order to improve the cross talk which had become a problem by matrix 4ch, SE logic circuit is adopted.
This circuit built the negative phase signal using the main signal, eliminated and oppressed only the cross talk ingredient which has leaked to each channel, and has realized about the same separation rate as discrete.

Although it is a principle of a logic circuit, first, by a comparison detector circuit, the magnitude of the signal between opposite channels is detected and this is changed into the control signal of direct current. This signal is sent to a gain control circuit (gain control), the main signal is controlled, and it becomes the elimination signal (0 degree and 180 degrees) which became negative phase mutually. And the main signal and elimination signal which are the outputs of a matrix in an addition circuit are mixed, and a cross talk ingredient is eliminated.
In order to adjust for such a structure, without modifying the main signal, the distorted sound quality which is different in AGC which carries out gain control of the main signal directly and which is not is secured.

In the decoder part, RM (regular matrix), SQ, and QM-4 matrix are built in, and the broad adaptability to 4ch play is given, and it is designed.
Thereby, 4ch play of almost all the records of marketing by the change of a switch is possible.
Moreover, CD-4 system prepares the contact button of a demodulator and the use as a 4ch control center is also possible for it.

The terminal for discretes is carried and a discrete can also be enjoyed only by connecting a tape deck.

Four large-sized level meters of a front and rear are adopted.

Rating of a mode
Form Four-channel SE decoder
Play system General form matrix system (regular matrix)
CBS form matrix system (SQ matrix)
Discrete system
QM-4 type matrix system
Incoming signal level 200mV(rms)
Output signal level Front 2ch: 200mV (rms)
Input impedance More than 100kohm
Frequency response 30Hz-30kHz±1dB
Higher-harmonic-wave distortion 0.3% or less
Separation rate Between each channel: A maximum of 15dB
Power supply voltage AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions Width 400x height 144x depth of 260mm
Weight 5.8kg