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35,000yen(around the 1978 time)

Full-scale power level meter incorporating legible large-sized meter.

The output of the music signal which comes out from power amplifier is detected, it points in two meter according to a right-and-left channel, and a Direct reading is possible per watt.

It is connectable with DA-A15direct-current and DA-A10direct-current type power amplifier.

When combining with a rack, the convenient rack-mounted panel is adopted, and the carrying handle is also equipped standardly.

Rating of a mode
Form Power level meter
<Meter part>
Indicating range
Peak level : - 50dB - +3dB
Output : 1mW-200W (x1)
0.1mW-20W (x0.1)
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz±1dB
Response time 10ms
Return time 0.6s
<Buffer amplifier part>
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz±0.2dB
Profit 0dB (variable)
Input impedance 50kohm
Output load impedance 600ohms or less
The number of the semiconductors used Transistor: 23 pieces
Diode: 25 pieces
Reserve power receptacle Switched:6A
Dimensions Width 480x height 179x depth of 149mm
Weight 5.5kg