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VS-50 Image

A speaker system that can be set freely.

It has an 18 cm cone woofer in the low range and a 3 cm dome tweeter in the high range.
The diaphragm of these units uses a polymer material L. C. P. (Liquid Crystal Polymer) to improve the specific elastic modulus and internal loss. In addition, the same diaphragm material is used for the two units to achieve a two way constant sound speed, which realizes a natural connection between high and low frequencies.
In addition, the magnetic shielding design is compatible with AV, eliminating the influence on cathode ray tube, etc.

The enclosure is a three layered cabinet made of polypropylene.
The handle on the back makes it easy to carry around.

There are two types of input terminals : a horn-jack type and a banana plug speaker terminal.

By using the separately sold stand and bracket, it can be installed for various applications.

There was a set called Pro-Stack System as a system using multiple VS-50s.
This system uses 16 VS-50s and 3 DS-W461 s to enable surround sound playback with overwhelming impact.

Model Rating
Method 2-Way, 2-Speaker, Bass Reflex System, Anti-magnetic Type (EIAJ)
・ Setting Free Type
Units Used For low band : 18 cm cone type
For High Pass : 3 cm Dome Type
Rated impedance 6 Ω
Playback frequency band 45 Hz to 25 kHz
Output sound pressure level 90dB/W/m
Crossover frequency 2kHz
Max Input 200W
External dimensions Width 245x Height 400x Depth 252 mm
Weight 7kg
Attachment OFC speaker cable (4mx2)
Sold Separately Speaker Stand DK-501 (1 unit, ¥ 35,000)
Stand Option DK-502 (2 pcs 1 set, ¥ 8,000)
TV Mounting Bracket DK-503 (2 pcs 1 set, ¥ 8,000)
Ceiling Lifting Bracket DK-504 (2 pcs 1 set, ¥ 22,000)
Wall Mounting Bracket DK 505 (2 Units 1 Set, ¥ 24,000)
Floor Stand DK 506 (Set of 2, ¥ 25,000)
Inverted Stacking Floor Stand DK-507 (2 Units 1 Set, ¥ 35,000)