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VS-100F Image

A speaker system developed for theaters focusing on the mid-range area where dialogue and instrument sounds are concentrated.

The VS-100F is equipped with a 30 cm cone woofer on the back for ultra-low frequencies. It emits sound on the wall surface and wraps the whole room, creating a rich low-sound reproduction sound field. The VS-100F also emits sound forward with four bass reflex ports on the front.

There are two 20 cm cone woofers for the low range and four 10 cm cone midrange woofers for the middle range.
In addition, two 5-cm cone tweeters are installed in the high range.

A magnet shield system is adopted in which an anti-magnetic magnet is mounted by separating the bottom plate of the magnetic circuit and is restrained by a shield, thereby eliminating the influence on cathode ray tubes, etc.

In the network section, we focused on the adverse effect of AC magnetic flux on the network circuit of the speaker and examined the position and direction of the coil.

Wide Area Sound (WAS) is used for enclosure unit placement.
In this system, two mid-range channels per channel are placed in a 25 ° inward position, and the mid-range, which is important for theater reproduction such as dialogue, is positioned in the center in a wide range.

At the beginning, it was only black model, but in the later stage, the wood grain version VS-100F (MO) was also released.

There was a speaker stand for each color variation sold separately.

Model Rating
Method 4-way, 9-speaker, bass reflex system, floor type, magnetic protection type (EIAJ)
Units Used For Ultra Low Band : 30 cm Cone Type
For low band : 20 cm cone x2
For Medium Range : 10 cm Cone Type x4
For High Pass : 5 cm cone x2
Rated impedance 6 Ω
Playback frequency band 30 Hz to 25 kHz
Output sound pressure level 94dB/W/m
Max Input 350W(EIAJ)
External dimensions Width 400x Height 998x Depth 390 mm
Weight 47kg
Sold separately : Speaker Stand DK-100 (2 pcs 1 set, ¥ 35,000)
External dimensions Width 400x Height 173x Depth 450 mm