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198,000yen(one set)

It has large composition which is called 4 way 9 speaker and which is not once.
Four squawkers are especially used for an inside region play, and while people's voice and the sound of a musical instrument concentrate, a region is reproduced with reality.

A 30cm large caliber Sub woofer is carried in the back, and rich low-pitched sound is reproduced by adopting four bass-reflex ports as the front.

In order to make sound orientate regardless of listeners' position, it is wide area sound (WAS) system adoption. By making two 片 channels and a total of four squawkers into 25-degree introrse, and installing them, while being a fundamental zone, the center normal position of a region is emphasized.

It can put also on a television side by formal magnetic-shield design, and is the high efficiency design of output sound pressure level 94 dB/W/m.

There was VS-100F (MO) of a grain version.


Rating of a mode
System 4 ways, 9 speaker bass-reflex system, and a floor type
- Magnetic-shield type (EIAJ)
Use unit For super-low-pitched sound: 30cm corn type
For low-pitched sound: 20cm corn type x2
For inside sound: 10cm corn type x4
For loud sounds: 5cm corn type x2
Rated impedance 6ohms
Play frequency band 30Hz - 25000Hz
Output sound pressure level 94dB/W/m
The maximum input 350W(EIAJ)
Dimensions Width 400x height 998x depth of 390mm
Weight 47kg
Attachment OFC speaker cable